Wednesday, September 13, 2006


by Carl Johan Calleman

We are now rapidly approaching the kick-off date (May 27-28, 2006) of the Breakthrough Celebration (see and so this may be the time to discuss some of what we may expect from the time ahead. Before doing so it may however be in its place to look at what has already happened in the first half of the Fourth NIGHT, which started on November 29, 2005. In an article that I sent out around the time of the beginning of this NIGHT I made the prediction that its first half in an external sense would be relatively uneventful. I feel this prediction has been essentially verified and for instance there have been no major catastrophes, political upheavals or warfare starting in this period although some small signs have appeared, such as the election of the Hamas and the new Bolivian and Chilean presidents, that herald the end to western dominance in the world. These are however hardly to be qualified as events that have captured the attention of people at large.

This lack of external turbulence does not mean that the Galactic Underworld has come to a halt although this is how it might have been experienced by many. Whenever a NIGHT begins, such as was the case last November, we must expect a shift to inner processing and this is especially true for those that have missions influencing the spiritual destiny of the world. Hence, many have experienced the recent past months as a time when the universe has come to a standstill and have seen very little flow in their projects.

Why is this? we may ask. Well, to begin with it is exactly what we would expect from our current phase of the Galactic Underworld. Early May of this year corresponded energetically to the year 1900 in the Planetary Underworld. This was a time of ennui that was expressed in the cultural movement known in Europe as "Fin de Siecle". Despite all the new inventions that had been made in the Fourth DAY (1873-1893) of this Underworld a feeling of boredom and even stuckness became marked around the last turn of the century. Really, this had nothing to do with the turn of the century, as some might have thought, but with the cosmic energy ruling at that time. This lack of a drive forward at the time was also reflected in the world of science, where the idea then arose that there was nothing more to discover and the same feeling of emptiness came to be shared by many of the very rich in the US.

Of course, the Galactic Underworld conditioning our consciousness at the present time is not of the same materialist character as then and so those that have come to experience a sense of stuckness are instead those that are carrying the most important seeds of tomorrow, those working for oneness. The sense of stuckness is thus in fact exactly what should be expected from the current phase of the Mayan calendar and is not an anomaly. A possible metaphor to use is that the divine energy has been like when the water goes out before a new strong wave is coming in.

As a result of this recent relative standstill of the universe we have also seen an unusual amount of inhouse fighting in many different spiritual movements, which has served to expose much that has been ego-driven. There is no reason to judge negatively that things have been ego-driven in many quarters. In fact, sometimes the need of the ego for recognition is the only force that is strong enough to getting something done and humanity needs to be grateful for many of the things that have come out of it. Nonetheless, I think that now, as we approach the midpoint of the Fourth NIGHT, ego needs to be recognized as such because we are approaching a new pulse of light - that of the Fifth DAY beginning on November 24, 2006 - when ego needs to be seen as it is. The point to realize is that we are all to some extent motivated by ego and this needs to be seen rather than judged.

The midpoint of the Fourth NIGHT carries a shift even though it does not mean that the actual breakthrough energy has yet been activated. This shift point, which is the beginning of the Breakthrough Celebration, will however mean that the tide will be turning and so in the next half year we will see a number of phenomena that herald the breakthrough energy of the Fifth DAY. Yet, even after the beginning of the latter this feeling of stuckness and that things are not flowing may persist. Take for instance the breakthrough of democracy and the modern world in the Fifth DAY of the Planetary Underworld (1913-1932), which only manifested towards its second half after the old world had become completely stuck in World War I. Maybe we can also see a parallel in the breakthrough of Christianity in the Fifth DAY of the National Underworld, which only happened on a massive scale after the Roman empire had become completely stuck and unable to rule based on its pagan religion. Nonetheless, in the end the flow of the Fifth DAY in both cases meant a big movement forward for those that were carriers of the breakthrough phenomena. So what is it that is going to break through in the Underworld that we are in now, which the Breakthrough Celebration is designed to support?

Generally speaking it is a shift towards balance in the world, a shift away from western and left brain dominance. The first four pulses of light of this Underworld have been more or less preparatory and shifting the balance only in small increments, compared to the actual breakthrough that is now about to come. Since everything that exists around us is a product of the evolution of consciousness, we must then expect this breakthrough to affect everything in the general direction towards right brain strengthening.

Yet, it is also possible to be more specific as to the types of changes that are about to emerge. If we look at geopolitics, it seems very likely that there will be a dramatic downfall of the value of the US dollar as we come to the Fifth DAY, with very far reaching consequences for the international economy. In my article about the beginning of the Fourth NIGHT I pointed to the likely implementation of the Iranian oil bourse in the immediate time ahead and such an oil bourse, the first to trade oil for euros, was in fact registered on May 5th. According to a recent speach by the Iranian president this will no longer be selling oil for dollars as of July. If this was not enough, Russia's president

Vladimir Putin announced on May 15 that Russia will now institute a similar exchange that will only trade oil for rubles. Considering the enormous trade deficit of the US the value of the dollar has essentially only been kept up by the petrodollar system and the need for anyone wanting to buy oil to have US dollars in his possession. This system is now about to fall as many countries will try to get rid of their stock of American dollars whose value has been kept at an artificially high level because of the petrodollar system. The Russian exchange is not scheduled to take effect until Day Five and is likely to be a much more important event than the inauguration of the Iranian given that many are hesitant to the religious agenda of Iran and may not want to be involved with its bourse. In the case of Russia, it currently has such a strong control of much of the world's energy resources that there are many countries that do not have a choice. Unlike the US, Russia does not need to fight wars in foreign countries to maintain this hold.

I have previously pointed to the rise of China and India as emerging engines of the world economy as examples of the form the strengthening of the Eastern hemisphere takes at this particular time. As we enter the Fifth DAY, a new phenomenon will however be added to this strengthening: The return of Russia as a superpower. It is hard to see this happening in terms of military power, but this is really immaterial at the present state of an emerging energy shortage in much of the world. Russia cannot be easily attacked and occupied by an outside power like Iraq. Russia has already grown to become the world's largest producer of oil and its emerging superpower status will be based on the control it currently has over the distribution of oil and gas in the world. Not even the military power of the US can change this fact and we will see a very significant shift towards the power of the East as the Fifth DAY begins, especially as some of its leading powers, China, Russia and Iran seem to be on fairly good working terms with each others. The return of Russia as a superpower is in general terms consistent with the shift towards the North that takes place in the Underworlds after they pass their midpoints.

To some this geopolitical power shift may seem to have little to do with the process towards oneness in the spiritual sense, but in reality oneness can only be based on a balance of our brain hemispheres and this in turn is always a holographic resonance product of the balancing of the hemispheres of the planet. So even if it is likely that the power shift in the world that we are now about to witness will have many of the ingredients of greed and exploitation that characterize the world of politics and economics it is nonetheless definitely an integral part of the cosmic plan and the balance that it brings prepares the ground for the later reaching of the goal of oneness. Especially for those that currently feel stuck it is important to realize that these goals can only be fulfilled stepwise in phase with the various DAYS of the Galactic Underworld. There is no way we human beings can alter the stepwise cosmic plan for the evolution of consciousness. All we can do is to make individual choices within the framework that this provides.

Yet, even if the first half of the Fifth DAY will be dominated by a new geopolitical balance I expect that towards its second half we will see the path towards oneness emerging as a mass phenomenon involving many that would today be qualified as mainstream people. What more than anything else characterizes the Fifth DAY is the immense broadening of the phenomena that were advanced in small increments during the preceding DAYS. Mainstream interest in the cosmic plan will probably be significantly increased by the release of Mel Gibson's movie Apocalypto, which was recently postponed from August 4 to December 8, to coincide with the onset of the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld. Regardless of the actual content of this movie it seems obvious that it will raise questions about the meaning of the Mayan calendar and the cosmic plan on an unprecedented scale among mainstream people. Its release within the energetic context of the rule of Quetzalcoatl (Fifth DAY) will only add to this importance and it will become possible for people to be educated as never before as to the meaning of the Galactic Underworld and how it charts the stepwise path towards oneness. For everyone working to bring about a transformation to oneness in the Fifth DAY, with whatever practice or within whatever movement, I feel it is important to be prepared that the people that today would be called mainstream will have a process of their own. The mainstream of people simply will not have time to devote themselves to years of esoteric schooling or testing out of different spiritual practices. The mainstream will have to find its own path towards oneness that is more direct and simpler than for those who have been pioneers for a long time.

The field change brought about by the Fifth DAY will influence all aspects of human life and cannot be detailed here. For each particular realm of human life we need to take a look at how its particular expressions were actually moulded by the left-brain dominance of the National Underworld and then try to predict what would happen if this dominance was significantly balanced by a breakthrough energy of right brain half (holistic and intuitive) that will be coming in. An obvious field that will be influenced is that of health, medicine and healing, where we will see unprecedented forms of holistic and vibrational medicine emerge.

I want to present this as a general background to the beginning of the Breakthrough Celebration on the days 9 Ahau and 10 Imix (May 27-28, 2006). The events that are being planned around the world at this time are only the beginning -putting a new gear in place - of the process of generating a flow towards oneness that the breakthrough energy will facilitate. In a sense it is like the beginning of the climb of a hill for which a lower gear is needed and those that will try to go faster than this will only find themselves stuck and unable to move. The Breakthrough Celebration ( is a series of events conducted on Mayan Ahau dates, especially marked by the midpoint of the Fourth NIGHT (May 27, 2006), the beginning of the Fifth DAY (November 24, 2006) and the midpoint of the Fifth DAY (May 22, 2007). These are significant energy shifts in the Mayan calendar and the cosmic plan and I feel that whatever we do we should be observant of them. Unfortunately, knowledge of the true Mayan calendar is still very limited among spiritually oriented people at large, but the information is unstoppable and is getting out. The idea behind the Breakthrough Celebration is that it should serve to unify and generate a common flow among all those movements among humanity that have a sincere desire for the attainment of a global state of oneness. This desire is shared by so many individuals and movements that embrace different spiritual practices and often understandings of the cosmos as well. The idea of the Breakthrough Celebration is however that these different movements should all flourish as they are, but that we should follow the same rhythm of the cosmic plan to develop this process in concert with each other.

Carl Johan Calleman

London (2 Ben, 7. 7.13 of the Galactic Underworld)

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