Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello All,

The following is an excerpt from Carlos Cedillio's book Soul Kin Journal. He is a friend of Carl Calleman and I met him over internet. I think you will love what he writes....

Thank you oh Great Spirit for bringing me to the place where I can write these words. Blessings to all my new friends who have picked up these pages and have added the new dimensions this book is meant to open.

Thank you to all of the beautiful Light Beings who have accompanied me at all times throughout the days of the previous ages. Blessings to my Star Family who also watched me through the times when there was separation and duality.
Here is the fruit of all the teachings and the final great unfolding of the mat of time. We have all been invited to participate.

Homage to the ancient Maya, Kulkulkan, the Moon Goddess, the Mothership.
May your counting of the days lead to final Enlightenment, remembrance of your stellar origins, Heaven on Earth, and Universal Brother/Sisterhood.

Here is the count of days as I have understood them:

Imix - Crocodile, Alligator or Turtle
This is the bare Earth. But there is nourishment ready. Earth rose from the waters and Earth faces the Sun. Earth gives birth and Earth swallows the dead.

Ik - Wind
The Buddha once told of the origins of Life. After there was Earth, the Spirits tasted it and loved to devour so much of it that they soon became forms. Thus the spirits transform the Earth and Life begins. Look up at a Full Moon. Study the shape of the Moon Goddess holding her rabbit with outstretched arms. On her nose is the “T” shape used by the Maya for this glyph signifying the breath of the Goddess.

Akbal - Night, the Hearth, Foredawn
As the spirit moves, so consciousness is created. Dreaming begins. We are still only a potentiality. Which dream will we follow? “Am I dreaming I am a butterfly or am I a butterfly dreaming I am a man?” We are One Earth dreaming six billion dreams.

Kan - Lizard, Net, Seed
Self-contained! The Lizard meditates in the Sun as he guards the ancient temple grounds. Like a net gathering shrimp or the seed just planted in the ground, there is great fertility and primal urges.

Chicchan - Serpent
Kundalini rising. The root breaks the shell of the seed and like a tongue sticking out soaks up the delicious nourishing Earth. We all desire to taste of the Earth. We are light beings full from devouring, we want more and we are passionate in love and lust.

Cimi - Death, the ultimate transformation we all must go through
Understanding that there really is no Death because we are Light Beings brings great healing and peace.

Manik – Deer
Graceful, protective, psychic. The peyote is the footprint of the Deer. After tasting Death and getting a glimpse of the afterlife, we develop compassion, our strength is renewed. We practice patience and toleration. There is a sense of past and future melding into the now.

Lamat - Star, Rabbit, Venus Incarnate
Strong feminine energy. Rabbits live in a burrow, so look deep within yourself, connect to your solar plexus chakra. Give thanks to the source of all that is!

Muluc - Offering, Water, Moon
In the Popol Vuh, Tojil is the god who bestows fire to the human race, but it comes at a price…in exchange for the power of fire, Tojil demands humans let him “suckle” them. In other words, there must be a blood sacrifice, an offering. The Moon Goddess is offers a rabbit. There is great emotional strife if we don’t let go and let it be. When we are free of our obligations there is equilibrium and calm.

Oc - Dog
Love, companionship, loyalty, wolves in sheep’s clothing, random f*#&ing in the streets are all characteristics of Dog. If we are with a partner, these can be great days, for loners there is little recourse. Dog is our companion in life and our guide down the Saq Be when we cross over.

Chuen - Monkey, Raccoon
Tinkering, trying new things, making practical jokes or life generally going haywire mark the days of the Monkey. In previous eras of creation Monkeys were like humans but the gods allowed them to degenerate back to monkeys because they failed to give thanks to their creators properly. Monkey begins the second half of the Uinal (20 day cycle).

Eb - Road, Grass, Human (sometimes Tooth)
Finally, personhood is achieved, but we must remain humble before the Creator and the universe. There is much to see and to do so we must move on down the road. We are also fruitful and multiplying like the grass upon the Earth.

Ben – Reed
The staff of the patriarch, the beam that holds the roof of the house. A reed flute takes the wind and creates beautiful sounds that move our heart, so in that way a reed is like a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Ix – Jaguar
The Shamanic clan with knowledge of Earth’s magic. Cool like the cats they are, jaguars totally rule! Highly tuned intuition, graceful, and independent…Give a jaguar some catnip!

Men –Eagle
Warriors of the highest order! Eagles are visionary and Neptunian, escapists, scouts, though somewhat delusional.

Cib – Owl, Vulture, Incense, Wisdom
After having the visions of the Eagle, we gain the Wisdom of the owl. Vultures also are wise, they know we will all lay down and die if they are just patient enough! Incense is known as the “Brains of the sky”. It is a very good suggestion to go out and sit on a rock on Cib days!

Caban - Earth
Earthquakes! Bees and their honey. Rock and Reggae! Feel the Groove, Man! Let’s get those tectonic plates moving, it’s Earth-day! The crocodile that was cold hard, dirt, reality has found its self-awareness and is celebrating.

Edznab – Flint, Mirror, the Obsidian Sacrificial Knife
After we are self-aware, we look around and see the same thing happened to all of us together. We are one being reflecting upon itself to infinity.

Kawak - Rainstorm
The April showers that bring May flowers. Since we are One being having an infinite experience of itself, all must be nourished equally. “In every life a little rain must fall.” I personally know many beautiful Rainstorms; they are joyful and passionate about living life to its fullest. Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain….

Ahau – Sun, Light, Lord, Flower
All things must pass; we are all the Light. The fruition complete, we can simply Be. “Live simply that others may simply live.” “Do unto others….” “Do not hide your light under a bushel.” “Be a lantern unto yourself.”

by Carlos Cedillio
Meaning of 20 Nawales of Mayan Cholq'ij (Tzolkin) Calendar


The glyph signifies a glass of water. The top part is the mouth; the vertical lines represent the roundness. It also represents the maternal breasts, ready to provide milk to the child. It also represents a hand stretched downward.
This day is good to increase the internal powers. It is a good day to fortify the spirit. It is a good day to ask for rain; for the purification of the rivers, lakes and oceans. This day is utilized to capture the messages of the divine and of nature; to ask for the return of the couple; to be able to receive the messages through the dreams; to ask for the good crops; to help return somebody that is far away from their land. This is a day to eliminate mental problems; to ask for what nourishes us; to ask for humanity; and to help cure the craziness in the family. It also represents "craziness", the one that breaks stability. It is an energy that brings strange things and it is bound with the comets which are the seeds that germinate life in space. It also governs the cohabitants with the beings that live in the water and has communication with these beings, especially dolphins, whales and crocodiles.
To calm the mind; the bad thoughts; to control the arrogance; to do away with desperation; to calm the instability; to ask to do away with the craziness in people; so that the couple may return to the home that they abandoned; to develop the intuition, the vision, the messages in the dream, so that the mind may be more receptive; to ask for the return of those that are far from their home; to do away with any mental problems; to ask that we may never lack nourishment and so that the confrontations in the family may cease.


The glyph signifies a window which was used in the times of the classic Maya, by our ancestors, in which wind came through.
This is a good day renovation; to ask for the good winds to come and nourish our minds and to purify us; that the winds may take all suffering and illnesses of our loved ones. It is also a good day to cure people that have psychological problems; to do away with passion; with hate and depression. This day is good to reinforce our prayers to the Great Spirit and also to develop the power of our mind. It is also utilized to ask for the purity of our soul; to cure the illnesses of our lungs so that we may maintain our breath and courage. To ask the Nawales of the air that the people may not contaminate anymore; to ask that the prayers in our ceremonies may rise to the heavens; to ask the thunder to communicate humans with divination so that the souls may obtain peace; to ask that the illness may be taken away; and to do away with suffering. This sign is the encourager of energy; it is the representation of the subtle; it is the purity, the crystalline; it gives visions; it brings beauty and harmony. It is the element that governs the ideas; the space that exists between the sky and the earth; it also represents the interior space.
To ask for the spiritual force; to increase in the spiritual universe; to ask for the purity of the soul; to augment the intellect, the memory; to cure illnesses of the lungs; so that we may keep our decisions; to purify the ambience; to ask for no contamination; so that more trees may grow; that our thoughts may rise to the heavens; so that the winds may purify us, the body the mind and that it may nourish our spirit.


The glyph represents the owl. It signifies the light and the obscurity that are simultaneously by the hooks. The obscure side represents the shadow, and the lines that come from the front towards the bottom represent the light unveiling the materialism over the earth.
This is a day to ask for clarity in our paths; new opportunities; to renew our lives; to have clarity; to bring to light the occult things; and to clear out the mysteries. This is a good day to ask for stability; to find a better job or business; to ask for clarity in our existence; to ask the creator to have days of peace and happiness for the community; so that we may have employment; so that light may be shone upon our path; to remove the obscurity in our minds; to give strength to the woman to procreate; so that there may be justice upon us; signifies the sunrise and the sunset; the light and the obscurity; the rising and the falling of the sun. To do away with people that have double intentions.
To ask for opportunities in life; of employment; change of residence; of country; to change our look if things aren't going well for us; for a new dawn upon humanity; to ask for our existence; for the renovation; to calm the instability; to do away with obsessions; to do away with people that have bad intentions; so that we may have good thoughts; so that there may be justice.


They glyph signifies the energy of gravity; the force that acts over the earth. Represented by the sphere; trapped by the lower groove which divides the base of the two poles or energies of the two magnets. On the other hand; it represents the net that can serve for fishing or to carry the harvest.
This is a good day to ask that we may not fall into fanaticism; the best day to untie knots; to ask for the abundance; for the fecundity of the woman; to do away with bad energies or influences; to do away with knots that hold us to vices; to fix emotional and love problems. It is also a good day to ask for the development of the children; so that the crops may grow; so that we may be liberated of jails: spiritual or material; so that the investigators of the sacred science may grow; so that the sacred knowledge may not be lost; so that the community may grow; for the liberation of the imprisoned; so that we may be liberated of traps and shackles.
To do away with knots or entanglements; to finish problems; to not fall into fanaticism; to ask that the children may develop; to ask that our powers may develop; for the fecundity of the women; to ask that we may never lack what we need in life; so that we may never go to jail; to discover what it is that we need; to trap occult enemies; to solve family problems; so business may prosper; to capture the superior knowledge.


The glyph signifies the serpent; the drawing on the upper left is what is on the back of the serpent as well as the dots. This is represented in Kukul'Kaan or Qukumatz'.
This is a special day to increase the physical force; to build the internal fire and spiritual evolution; for the return of the lost and forgotten; for the return of a loved one; for the reconciliation of the couples; to ask for the couples; for the sexual balance; the justice; the truth; the intelligence and the peace. This day is also good to ask for the equilibrium in life; so that we may be free of anger; to be grateful of truth and justice; to heal illness of the nervous system; to do away with economic problems; to ask for the integrity of the community; to ask for the wisdom of all spiritual students; and to ask for the continuation of the tradition and the Mayan ceremony. It is the energy of the knowledge transmuted into wisdom; it is the strength; it is the serpent power; the space energy; the wisdom of the elders; it is the Ceiba (sacred tree) and the sexual magic. It is the DNA; the orbits of the planets; and it is the spiral of evolution.
To ask for the energy; to ask that the knowledge may transmute to wisdom; fortitude; for serenity; patience; so that the ancestral knowledge may return; to ask for the couples; so that we may have an equilibrium in life; to do away with anger; so that truth may come to light; to do away with illnesses of the nerves and of the vertebrae of the spinal column.


The glyph signifies death and it is represented by the closed eyes and the closed mouth with the teeth hanging out. The vertical line represents the cycles of re-incarnation.
This is a special day to have contact with the ancestors; to do away with mortal illnesses; accidents; to ask for protection for travels; to find access to the higher knowledge. On this day, there is communication with the higher beings and there is access to dimensional portals. It is also used to seek advice from the Nawales; so that no harm may come to the community, vision throughout he stones; to give us capacity and tranquility; so that the plants may sprout; so that our instincts may increase; so that we may have internal strength; so that we may be liberated from vices; to finish with bad businesses; to end suffering; to harmonize negative energies; to cut hate, grudges and lower passions. Symbolizes the death; the change in the spiritual state; the beginning the advice; the diviner; the fortune; the instinct; the visionaries; the end; the falling; the sprouting or rebirth.
So that life may support us; to transmute the cycles of life; to do away with bad death and big accidents; to ask for the ancestral wisdom; to ask for good signs; to ask fro good advisors and spiritual guides; to end relationships that aren't beneficial to us; so that we may have nocturnal vision; to ask for protection in the community; to not have sudden death so we can finish our purpose in life; to ask that there may be no wars; to liberate us from any vices; to finish bad businesses.


The glyph represents a closed hand with opposing fingers; closing off a circuit of energies that charges the four cardinal points which are represented by the four fingers on the right and charged by the opposing finger.
Signifies the deer and the horse; it is the four pillars that sustain the sky and the earth; the force and the powers that charge the destiny of humanity; realization of the physical existence; the food; the power of complementation; the wind that passes; the guardian of the forests. It is a good day to be thankful for life and the process of the gaining power for an Ajq'ij (spiritual guide); grateful for the elements: sun, earth, air, water, life. Signifies the four b'alaneb and their respective partners; the four cardinal directions and the four paths. It is a good day to ask for the force and the strength; to ask for positive things; so that we may be in balance with life; so that we may be liberated from talkers and enemies; to help us in our bidding; to dominate the enemy; so that our destiny may be protected; so that is may give us physical and mental agility; to do away with arrogance; to destroy the negative in life and to do away with liars on earth.
To ask for strength and power; so that we may have good relationship with the four elements; to ask for mother earth; to ask that we may not be traitors; to do away with lies; to ask for strength in a job; to give us clarity in life; to ask fro strength; to not be weak; to not be manipulated; so that it may give us equilibrium; to be more generous; to have more love; to free us from gossip; so that we may have good contracts; to have physical agility and to develop in the arts.


The glyph represents a perforation upon the earth with the Tixjob, that is used to separate the earth to deposit the seeds and the four seeds that represents the four seeds that represents the four colors of corn and the four races of humanity: red, black, white, yellow.
Q'anil signifies germ; seed; life and creation. Creation of the universe, especially life and Mother Nature. It's a day to ask for life; the germination of the sacred Maize and everything else that Mother Nature produces. In this sign, the four cardinal points are represented and procreation. Day of human realization and knowledge; symbolizes the four colors of maize existent in Meso-America (red, black, yellow, white). It is also a good day to ask for all things that are initiated so that they are good and strong like work, construction, travels, etc. We also ask to do away with shyness; so that our problems may come to light; so that we may have good children; to do away with arrogance and slander; to do away with plagues on our crops; to do away with talkers and liars; to uncover occult enemies; to clear up the skies; to do away with black magic; and to do away with impotence and frigidness. The day 8 Q'anil is good for addictions and to give thanks. The day of the pregnant women; to revive sterile earth; fertility of human beings, plants and animals. A good day to ask for what you want: business, crops, travels, love, etc.
To separate the good things from the bad; to plant a project; for a person that is having trouble having babies to get pregnant; so that there may be an abundance of everything; for the development of the children; to have a strong growth in life; to change professions; to initiate a relationship; to do away with shyness so that we may not take other people's problems; to start any treatment; to do away with plagues on plants; to do away with occult enemies.


The glyph represents a wheel with its axle. It also represents grandfather sun with his energy and the circle symbolizes the law of cause and effect.
Signifies Tojil; the payment; the offering or penalty; it is the fire of the spirit Ajaw (Creator); heart of the heaven, heart of the earth; it is the rain drop; It is the beginning of communication with higher life, nature and the cosmos; it is the balance of justice and love; it is the beginning of communication of the spiritual life; the reunion of people and the sign of the divine power. It is a good day to ask to shed light on occult things; to understand the law of cause and effect; we give payments to worship the sun; to ask for our lives; to calm the instability; to ask that light may reach all of us; so that the warriors may have the force; to do away with torment and suffering; so that we may not have droughts for our crops; to do away with violent accidents; to do away with bad death; to do away with anticipated death; so that we may have the force. It is a day indicated to offer blood to he Tojil; balance and justice, life and hope; day to give Xukulem (Mayan ceremony to be in peace with the Ajaw).
To pay for all that we have received in life - positive or negative; to pay for something that we need which we haven't received; to do away with bad accumulations; to forgive and be forgiven; to ask for energy; to ask for changes in our destiny; to do away with any illness or problem that we may have.


The glyph signifies the cane or staff that the Indigenous authority use; it is also the tail of the dog.
Signifies the dog; the secretary; the scripture; justice; authority and the guardian of the material and spiritual law. Represents the fidelity; order; it is the justice; the material and spiritual life from beginning to end. On this day we ask for the divine justice; to do away with criticism; with vices; so that we may have an organized life and so that we may discover all great secrets. It is a day to be in peace; to fix our errors, desires, sexual pleasures and to not fall in the wuq'ub qak'ix (arrogance, lies, ambition, envy, crime, ingratitude, ignorance); to be in balance with the spiritual and material. Nawal of the sexuality; of the stone of the sun; and of the ceremony to liberate us from poverty and vice.
To solicit Divine justice; to have good helpers; to do away with charges against justice; to liberate persons that are detained; to ask that justice may be corrected; to be just in life; to learn tolerance; to develop love; for community work; and to be good writers.


The glyph signifies: the top is a cone which has time rolled up in and becomes uncoiled towards the bottom and reaches the globe of the earth passing through the angles that are both polarities, the masculine and the feminine.
This is the first day of the Mayan calendar. B'atz is the start, the beginning, the time; it is the day of the perpetual ceremonies and customs of our ancestors. This day is utilized to effect matrimonial and business ties, it's a good day to bring things into order or to initiate any plans. It is a good day to ask for: predictions, protection for the artist, well being for the crops, to resolve any family problems. This is the day of the time; it is the day of creation of life and the beginning of intelligence. Bat'z predicts the future; it is the history that is weaved into time, just like with a thread you weave a dress. It is the human gestation time for a child, it represents the umbilical cord. It is the beginning of life, of the infinite time, of the intelligence and wisdom. It symbolizes the cosmic phenomena, the original wisdom. It represents the infinite time and the unity, through this the man and woman are united and from this originates matrimony. Before the Mayas found the thread they used the palm (tree) (pop) to weave. This is the reason why it is called "Pop" the history written in the POP WUJ (sacred book with quiche origin). In the vegetation Bat'z is symbolized with plants that climb. On the day Wajxaqib' Bat'z (8 Bat'z), the Mayan new year is celebrated as it corresponds to the thread of time that has once more rolled up our mother earth. Belejeb Bat'z (9 Bat'z), is the day of the woman, of nature in it's entirety. Bat'z symbolizes the life of the human being, the possibility of lasting until the flame burns down or the thread is cut.
To ask for a job, to do projects, for engagements or matrimonial ties, to reinforce matrimonies and the societies; for all nature; to ask for things to be in order; to make plans; to protect the artist; help the dancers, musicians; gives grace in the dance; contract signatures; to resolve family matters; initiate any activity; to initiate treatments


The glyph signifies: on the upper right side are the ears which signify the path; the curves and the points are the stones placed on the side of the path. It has as special characteristic that is always represented with a flat nose that represent the steps on a stairway.
The development of history is Bat'z and the finish is on Tz'i, but the one that gives force, energy and action for it to be realized is Ee. This is the best day to initiate or conduct any type of business. It is a special day to sign contracts as well as a very auspicious day for traveling, be it short or long. Ee symbolizes the path of destiny, which means more of the path than you are able to see with your eyes; because it is the path of life, the guide, the one that takes us to a precise objective point. It is the aspect in life where we find the realization in all situations, aspects and manifestations of life. Ee is the force, the potential and energy a person has to start a trip, a job, an assignment and everything that has to do with human realization. It is the one that indicates the middle, the form and the condition of the march of life. This sign is the energy of action and this energy acquires experiences opening paths. This is also a day to ask for the health, to initiate a project, to ask for those that live abroad or far from their homes.
It is a good day to ask for: Good business; So that life may give us a good path; To plan or initiate long travels; For the benefit of the community; To initiate a business; To ask that a pact may come to fruition; Contracts; Employment; So that it may give us a good spiritual path. Good day to ask for the ones living away from home or in other cities. To ask for Guidance about our destiny; So that new opportunities may open up. So that we may be free of accidents; so that we may be free of bad business dealings. To ask for good opportunities. Good day to be grateful for occupations, for work and for the well being of our physical and mental health.


The vertical lines signify the superior stalks that don't reach the end. This represents the development of the spiritual process and the sacred interconnectedness. The horizontal line represents the multiplication and the horizon.
Aj symbolizes the corn field or the garden; everything that is related to the home and the family. It signifies abundance, unity, power the seven virtues (fire, water, air, earth, heart of the heavens, heart of the earth, the center) of the divine power; clairvoyance, sacred words; love to humanity; telepathy; signs in the body; unexpected dreams, knowledge of the sacred sex; development of the serpent of fire and power. Aj is a day for the protection of the home; for animals and plants; proportions good timing; it gives great fruits and harvest. Energy that brings the resurrection; the return to the home; Sign of life; re-establishment of nature; to harmonize with others. It is the triumph of life over death. The firmness and the conviction. It is the sign of communication. It is the pillar that connects the cosmic and telluric energy. It activates the forces that makes the heroic acts. It proportions leadership. It cultivates the knowledge of the human nature developed through communal work. Personifies integrity, honesty and strictness. It is the mother of confidentiality and the purity. It is characteristics of the cosmic expansion. It is the sign that embarks ethics, prudence and morality. It brings simplicity and the justice for the order of the existence and harmony of life. It is a sign of prestige and status. It brings the energy to excel and reach perfection in all acts.
Ask for protection for the home, the animals and the plants. It is a day to ask for the good timing and to ask for triumph over the negative. To ask for the resurrection of nature, for the purification of the environment, for the harmony, for our sacred space. To ask that our energies may be renewed. To ask that a person may comply with their obligations. To not have difficulties in gatherings. To give firmness to our purpose; So that others may understand and respect our path. It is a good day to ask that humanity may not be destroyed.


The glyph signifies the heart of the planet, the reproductive part of the feminine, the face of a jaguar, the print of a jaguar and the points of this map of the world.
Ix signifies the jaguar and the tiger, the female energy and the feline energy. It represents the Mayan altar, or the Tabal-Porabal; the intelligence of the four balaneb; the mother earth; the seven guacamayas; a high level of developed consciousness; spirit protector of the planes and the mountains. Ix signifies the creative forces of the universe. This day is utilized to ask for the life of the animals, for the health, for the spiritual power, for the force and energy, for the women that surround us, for the protection of Mother Nature, to thank the earth for our sustenance. This day brings a special force to change negative aspects. It is a day to retreat, meditate, and re-plan life; to formulate new strategies and resolve problems. It is the day of magic and of the management of the occult forces. It is the day of fertility related to the feminine sex - be it person, animal or plant. The energy of the day is related to sensibility. It is a good day to establish good relations based on clarity. It favors the investigations and it brings good doses of intuition. It is a day to apply scientific techniques of magic, especially favors divination. Out of all of the signs, this is the one that mostly expands our minds, to give us the force, to reach the highest levels of consciousness. The psychic abilities and powers are benefited from this day. It also gives an excellent power to the mind, next to firmness and astuteness. It benefits the highest levels of mysticism.
To ask for the path of the animals both domestic and wild. It is a good day to ask for the force; The vigor; The wisdom of the four balaneb (the four guardians of the four corners of the universe); The spiritual energy; Astuteness in life; That we may not have drastic changes; To block the negative energies; To liberate ourselves or someone else of vices; To cut negative energies.


The glyph symbolizes the head of the eagle. The superior part, the boldness. The vertical lines are the feathers behind the head.
Tzikin is the intermediary between the sky and the earth, between god and man/woman. This day is of the spiritual elevation, of the full human realization and of the material bonanza, the production and material stability. It is the best day for love, to ask for the abundance, as well as for the particular person and for the community, protection in the business, to ask for the intimate partners and the friendships. In the spiritual, intuition is in good aspect, the vice, precognition and the revelations in the dreams. It signifies the guardian bird for all the land in the Maya area. It is the liberty, the messenger, the treasure, the luck and the money. This sign brings the good relationships, has magnetism, it is the perfect day to interact in anything, specially love affairs and business. The energy of the sign is accompanied with a global consciousness. Embodies the idealism of work for the community. Signifies the abundance of the crops, good business, love and art in the acts of life. Intermediary between the Ajaw (creator) and the human being. Represented by everything that exist in space; air, clouds, cold and hot; forces that the heart of the skies have created for our service.
Ask for the abundance - personal and for the community. Ask for protection for the business, so we may be free of illness and bad destiny. To ask for true love. To take away the sadness in the soul. It is a good day for the love to surface between two people. It is a day which to ask for fortune and good luck. To do away with anger and envy. It is the best day to ask for our internal powers. It is a day to increase the intuition, the vision and the revelation in the dream.


The glyph signifies the mind in the state of forgiveness and illusion. It is the brain in which lines of rays expand out to all places in a spiritual communion with the Nawales.
This is a very appropriate day to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to do away with our faults through sacrifice, to avoid confrontations, to cure any type of illness, for the defense of the dispossessed and for the justice of the earth. Good day to ask to be in harmony with mother earth, to ask for the fathers (gods), for the souls of the grandmothers and grandfathers and to ask for the cosmic force. This day brings an energy that is the mother of all errors, the offenses and irresponsibilities we have done before the Ajaw (creator and former) and before any manifestation of life and creation. This is why it is a good day to ask for forgiveness for the offenses that have committed. On another hand, Ajmaq is a good day to withdraw spirits of bad death, spirits that induce all vices and to remove any love that is by force or by obligation. The energy of Aj represents the authority, the experience and the virtue of a long transit in life. The energy Maq represents the fog and the obscurity. It is the seven sins-wuqu'qak'ix- (arrogance, ambition, lies, crime, ungratefulness, ignorance and envy).
Ask forgiveness for any problems or negative aspects. For any harm we may have caused, conscious or unconscious. Ask forgiveness for our sins and negative thoughts. This is a good day to ask that there may be no wars, to ask for no personal or collective confrontations. Good day to ask for the healing of any type of illness, especially sexually transmitted diseases. Day to ask for no robberies. For the spiritual and material fortitude. To do away with the spirits of bad death, do away with negative thoughts and negative energies and to do away with slander.


It symbolizes the knowing. The drawing in the center represents the brain and the points are the three grades of the human spiritual growth.
The Energy of this day is good to nourish the mind, to harmonize relationships, to ask for clarity and especially to transform knowledge and experiences into wisdom. This is a good day to ask for good memory, for the signs in the blood, in the fire, in the stones and the sacred Tzi'te. It is also a good day to unite ideas, to study the Mayan signs, to give offerings to the Kab'awil, to ask for understanding in marriage, to do away with bad ideas, to change the bad habits, to ask for vitality, to ask for force, and warmth and movement in the sick body. No'j is where the mind-energy governs, the knowledge and the good memory. It is the connection of the universal cosmic mind with the mind of the human being. Nobility is the major virtue that the energy of No'j brings because this day is gifted with all the virtues, especially: patience, prudence and the sublime love. The renunciation brings clarity and it is the guide of life. It governs also the studies, the human science and the studies of the mind.
It is good to ask for the knowledge or tranquility; for peace or nobility; it is a good day to analyze; it is a good day for understanding between couples; it is a good day for the studies, for the scientific investigation; it is a good day to ask for good thoughts; to do away with obsessions, bad ideas and people that have bad intentions; and to be in harmony with the supreme being.


The glyph symbolizes the point of the knife seen from the front and the pyramid seen from the sky by the Nawales.
This is a good day to ask for the health; to cure difficult diseases; to do away with enemies; to do away with negative energy and to do away with societies. Also it is a good day to ask for intelligence and for the memory; gives us the force of the lightning; it helps us to develop the signs of the blood and the dreams; it liberates us from accidents; it is also a good day to stop doing damage to mother earth; for good health; it liberates us from the jails of materialism; for the rapid healings; to do away with bad friends and relationships; to cut bad intentions and lovers. Represented by the double bladed knife, the image is that of two faces of a coin that converge at a point, so in that sense, we don't know where one side ends and the other side begins. It is to say that part of the positive is in the negative and part of the negative in the positive. So the image is clear in telling us that Tijaax is good with the positive and drastic with the negative. Tijaax brings the power to cut mysteries and to open the gates to another dimension. It also symbolizes pain and sadness. It is the arrow that brings danger and on this day purifies the balance that we have done be it positive or negative, making us pay or teaching us on the physical, mental and/or spiritual plane. It is the energy that has the force that liberates the rational, likes to provoke controversies. In the representation of the Telluric force on the earth (earthquakes and tremors), it indicates to us an energy of change or collapse. It gives us a good shaking to understand our true path.
To cut away all negative energy; bad luck; illnesses of any type; to start off a new path. It is a good day to liberate us from: anything that has us trapped; from enemies; from accidents. It is a good day to cut dependencies; to do quick healings; to do away with bad friends and bad influences; to cut away suffering; to do way with deceit; to cut slander, fear and any negative aspect.


The glyph signifies the support of the world, represented in the sphere. It also represents a spermatozoid and its descendence (the genealogical tree).
This is a good day to as for the common good; for the family so that all familial confrontations may be fixed; the economic problems; to attract affluence and abundance in the business; and to ask for good climate for the crops and for all that is cultivated. It is also utilized to cut illnesses; to ask for humanity so that they may have a roof over their head; to ask for those that are about to be born and that they may not possess physical defects. It signifies the force of the union, the expansive knowledge; the development of the cosmic plan; the growth; the fertility; energy for the abundance in the material and in the spiritual. It is the energy that brings the rains to give us good crops.
This is a good day to ask for the family, community, especially the ones that are close to us. It is a good day to ask for our homes; good day to start a home; a good day to avoid difficulties between a family; to fix problems in the family; it is a good day to ask for those that are governing the nation so that they may be just and good governors; to ask that we may have a good relationship with our boss; to ask for justice and social consciousness; and to ask for those that have physical defects.


The glyph signifies the face of the hunter, with the beard and with the mouth rounded to indicate the shooting of the blowgun. The other side represents the blowgun itself.
This is a good day to obtain certainty, the security, to plan and to reach our goals. This is a day of renovation and to ask for the fecundity of the woman; to have emotional stability; and to increase the intellect. It is a day that gives the force, the valor and the energy to overcome all obstacles. It is the day to revive the very sick ones; for the protection of the agricultures; to be able to live in this world; to have the force to overcome all bad and all enemies; to not be ambushed by sadness; to decipher the future and the past and to ask that the fire of the Mayan ceremony may never go out. They are the great hunters, possessors of a great magic and fathers of the fine art. They are delicate and educators of this civilization.
To ask for the knowledge and the wisdom; a good day to focus and analyze life; to ask for health to the very sick ones; a day of their renovation; to ask security for the woman; ask for the certainty in our decisions; to ask for the strength to overcome the challenges that destiny holds for us. To be good planners; to ask for the strength to overcome the bad; to have the astuteness of the hunter; to overcome enemies that are presented to us; to overcome adversity; to have good eye sight and to fix illnesses of the eyes.

Are you interested to have a private Mayan Astrology reading? Please check my blog about the mayan daysigns and private consultancy services based on Mayan wisdom.

Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies is a non profit organization based in New Mexico, US. Saq' Be' works to bring people, especially young adults, together with ancient traditions for the purpose of cultural and spiritual preservation and to open the doors of opportunity for those traditions to share their teachings with the rest of the world. Preservation programs include Radio broadcast capacity for the Native community in Chichicastenango, Guatemala, support for the community os Sarayacu in Ecuador in their struggle against petrol interests, and support for filmed documentation efforts of elders and guides of the Mayan tradition. More information can be found at:, or by email at:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The question of the Mayan calendar end date

by Carl Johan Calleman

For some time now there has been a discussion going on as to what is the exact end-date of the Mayan calendar. This debate was recently fueled by the rejection by Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of the council of elders of the Maya, of the December 21, 2012 date promoted by archeologists. A newcomer to this field may be surprised at the aggressiveness this statement has been responded to at web pages such as the forum at or John Jenkins This aggressiveness, which by the way has been directed more against me than to Don Alejandro, who actually made the statement attests to the importance of the question and especially the understanding of the cosmic plan that lies underneath it. Hopefully Don Alejandro’s rejection (in no uncertain terms) of the December 21, 2012 end date will mean that some will dig deeper to understand the evolution of consciousness and make an attempt to understand what this end date really is based on.

Yet, the fundamental issue at hand is not so much what is the actual enddate of the Mayan calendar, but how we are to understand this calendar and its relationship to the cosmic plan. This is also why the enddate question requires an open mind and even a fairly deep knowledge of Mayan calendrics to address. Those that promote the December 21, 2012 date almost invariably lack a model for understanding evolution based on the Mayan calendar and are instead placing all the importance on what will happen on one particular day; December 21, 2012. What they suggest for this date is typically an event in the sky or a pole shift, a comet that will hit the earth or some other physical or astronomical singular event. In my view the most absurd of these interpretations is probably a book that sets out to prove that this is the day when the world will come to an end because of a pole shift and there is nothing we can do about it (The Orion Prophecy). For someone who does not have a scientific training and background its purported "mathematical proof" for this may even seem impressive. Those supporting the December 21, 2012 date, such as, prefer such depressing rubbish to an analysis of the evolution of consciousness, simply because it is consistent with the end date they propose. To them, the end date has become like a religion and if some author agrees with this anything goes. That representatives of the contemporary Maya reject this end date will then obviously not be popular among them as they do not attribute any meaning to the Mayan calendar apart from what may happen on this particular day.

At a time when we may soon expect a much expanded interest in the meaning of the Mayan calendar such interpretations of an event taking place on a special date are obviously very much welcomed by the defenders of the established order for the simple reason that they do not imply that we need to participate in a process of evolution of consciousness. Moreover, if the Mayan calendar is only about an event that happens in the sky what else would there be to do other than sit and wait with arms crossed for this event to take place? Fortunately, for the serious student of the Mayan calendar system, it has a much greater richness than this and may help people understand both the past and the future and at the same time provide a meaningful spiritual context for life.

Those defending the December 21, 2012 date however never link the Mayan calendar to a model for the evolution of consciousness and strongly oppose the very serious work that has been made to verify - literally a mountain of evidence - that it describes an ongoing evolution from the Big Bang until the present time. One of the conclusions that we may draw from this body of evidence is that in the next few years we may expect a downfall of all hierarchical structures and especially those that are based on Western dominance of the world. Another prediction is that the rule of darkness in the time period November 19, 2007 to November 13, 2008, will be a very oppressive period exerted by exactly those forces that will make their last desperate attempt to maintain their dominance of the world. If this time period is confused with a period of light many people will go along with it in the same way as happened when this very same energy ruled the world, and especially Germany, during the era 1932-1952. It then seems obvious that the ruling circles of our planet do not want this information to reach the broader public and the defenders of the December 21, 2012 date that deny that we are living in an ongoing evolution of consciousness are playing directly into their hands. When the reaction comes in November of 2007 the ruling elite, primarily based in the US, would much rather have people think that nobody should be able to question their rule and that spiritual freedom is impossible. In that time the proponents of the December 21, 2012 date will come in very handy for the rulers and all ideas that the Mayan calendar describes an evolution towards oneness and balance will be suppressed. Of course, these statements are not based on some divine revelation, but with analogies that associate this time period with corresponding destructive eras in the past. The primary reason that the enddate is important is in my view that it strongly colors our perception of the present and the immediate time ahead.

Would it not be because the question of the enddate is important for the present and how people will understand the upcoming energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca I would see no reason to discuss it, especially not considering all the negative projections - far from a spirit of oneness - that it seems to give rise to among some. It is at the present time very important to discuss the upcoming energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, but the December 21 people are trying to sweep it under the rug.

Hence, the issue of the enddate is not so much a question of the particular date we favor, but what philosophy we adhere to and what vision of the world we would like to promote. Those denying the existence of a cosmic time plan leading towards a state of oneness have nothing to offer but the status quo and those seems to be the very people that are obsessed by being right about the December 21 enddate. To them, the most important argument in favor of the December 21, 2012 date seems to be that there is agreement among the archeologists about it and hence no one should question it. But since modern archeologists approach the Mayan calendar as a superstition to begin with how could they possibly know when the completion date of the divine process of creation would be? The divine plan is not their field of study. Only someone who sets out to understand how the Mayan calendar describes the cosmic plan would be able to arrive at the correct enddate for this.

To grasp the origin of this enddate it needs first to be pointed out that there is a fundamental misunderstanding among modern people about the Mayan Long Count. This misunderstanding is that the ancient Maya devised this calendar by targeting a particularend date. Although this may seem exciting to ourselves as we are living in that time it simply is not correct. The inscriptions from the ancient Maya in fact exclusively deal with describing the beginning of the Long Count, the creation date, which was set at August 11, 3114. The Mayan royalty living some 3500 years later sought to legitimize their positions by tracing their ancestry back to the beginning of this creation and wanted to understand this creation that their power was based on. Only those that have studied Mayan calendrics in some depth will know that the inscriptions deal with the creation date and not with the end date. The exact placement of this beginning date of the Long Count falls on the date that the sun was in zenith in Izapa, where the Long Count most likely was devised. Hence we have every reason to believe that it was this solar zenith day that its ending date was based on. The end date of the Long Count will simply fall exactly 1.872.000 days after this zenith date, which places it at December 21, 2012. Hence, the end date touted by the archeologists, December 21, 2012, directly depends on the fact that the people living in Izapa at the time thought of August 11, the date the sun was in zenith in their own particular temple city, as a holy day. Because of its zenith character it had probably for a long time been regarded as a day "when time began", as indeed it meant the beginning of a yearly cycle that determined the changing seasons in that location.

From a wider perspective the problem with this beginning date is then that it lacks relevance to the world at large. Why would this zenith date, which the beginning of the Long Count is set at, matter to people living in other locations than Izapa (or on the same latitude)? Well, it obviously does not play a role for people living in other parts of the world, and is simply based on the desire of the Izapans to emphasize their own particular location and tradition. Hence, believing that the energetic beginning of the Long Count falls on the day that "time began" in Izapa is like believing that Jesus was actually born on Christmas Day. The parallel is that in both cases an older tradition, the pagan midwinter solstice in the case of the Christians, which was not related to what really was to be celebrated, was simply taken over by a new calendrical tradition. That such an ancient established highly localized tradition of the importance of the solar zenith in Izapa now seems to dominate the perception of some currently interested in the Mayan calendar and so the modern proponents of the December 21, 2012 date are stuck in the same established tradition as the ancient Izapans were. Thus, to many of them it is not permitted for a scientist to broaden his perspective or question something that the archeologists all seem to agree upon. One might wonder where science would be today if such local traditions would never have been questioned. In my view, it is the task of science to arrive at an increasingly holistic understanding of the world and being stuck in a local tradition (even if it is Mayan or proto-Mayan) prevents the emergence of an understanding of the cosmic plan that is relevant to our entire planet.

The second reason that we may understand the December 21, 2012 date to be wrong is that it falls on the tzolkin day 4 Ahau, since this is not a completion energy. It must fall on a date that is 13 Ahau, since this is the tzolkin energy towards which all the tzolkin energies are moving. This may be a more difficult argument to grasp than that the beginning of the traditional Long Count is based on a local tradition. To realize that the actual enddate must fall on an energy that is a 13 Ahau date essentially requires of someone that he or she for a relatively long time have followed exclusively the true tzolkin count. Only in that way would one be able to personally experience the energy shifts, and unfortunately not so many people do that. If people mix two different counts that we may be certain that there is too much confusion for the actual energy shifts to be felt. Yet, it is important to know that Don Alejandro speaks about a prophecy of the return of 13 Ahau that seems to have survived through the ages. Carlos Cedillo also alerted me to a passage in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel that describes the energy of 13 Ahau as follows: "Holy completion of time, truly" - a statement not found regarding any other tzolkin energy in these prophetic Mayan books written a few hundred years ago. From a knowledge of the tzolkin it simply seems logical that the true Mayan calendar should end on a day that has the energy of 13 Ahau.

The placement of the enddate of this creation at the particular 13 Ahau energy of October 28, 2011 is supported by what seems to be a correction made in Palenque to the original Izapan Long Count several hundred years later. Most likely the priests of Palenque, who obviously meticulously followed the true tzolkin count then started to feel that there was something wrong with the correlation between the Izapan Long Count and the tzolkin. (Since they were living in Palenque they were not attached to or tuned in to the Izapan solstice date). The correction that they hinted at was however not implemented as a change of the Izapan Long Count because of the forbidding consequences. (Somebody who doubts that should consider how easy it would be to change the Gregorian calendar if the date of birth of Jesus was determined with absolute certainty). Such a change would not have been possible because of the enormous role that the Long Count had in legitimizing the rule of the Palenquean dynasty and providing stability to its society. Hence, its priests could only hint that the Izapan Long Count missed the mark by 420 days.

Hence, you might say that the Palenquean priests around AD 600 began to feel something that is similar to what many are beginning to feel today. This is that there is something wrong with the December 21, 2012 enddate of the Long Count. This experience will only increase in the years to come at least among those that are not content with repeating what other people are saying and who actually are able themselves to experience the wave movement of divine creation towards the state of oneness. And it is to those that I am primarily addressing myself, because it is those that may craft the path that the divine plan seems to be laying out for us. I am not primarily addressing myself to those for whom it is more important to be right about a date than to facilitate the spiritual future of humanity. In this context I would also like to point out that many people have a strong intuitive sense that the year 2012 will mean something special. This intuitive sense is fully consistent with the October 28, 2011 date, since if the divine process of creation is completed on that day it will indeed be the year 2012 that will usher the great change. If instead the completion of divine creation would fall on the Izapan enddate, December 21, 2012, it would be the year 2013 that would harvest the change. Intuitively, most seem to favor the 2012 date and I feel this promises that as we come closer people will increasingly be drawn to the energetically correct enddate, October 28, 2011.

Carl Johan Calleman
Orsa, Sweden
Cib (4 Vulture) 7.6.15 of the Galactic Underworld

The Hidden Agenda of theDreamspell / Thirteen Moon Calendar

by Carl Johan Calleman

To much of the world a calendar system invented by José and Lloydine Argüelles in the early nineties: The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Calendar has come to be known as “the Mayan Calendar”. Despite the fact that this is a calendar system that has never been used by the Maya. In the words of Adam Rubel of Saq Be, an organization reflecting indigenous and especially Mayan views:“Regarding the dreamspell and work of Argüelles: It has been made clear, I think everybody here understands, the need to distinguish this system from any relation to the Mayan tradition. […] This is the wish of the elders, that the confusion and misrepresentation cease.”

Despite this wish of the Mayan elders, many of its protagonists have however been falsely presenting it as Mayan.. Mostly this is because of a lack of knowledge about the true Mayan calendar, but also because those teaching the Dreamspell calendar do not provide adequate information about the origin of this and why it was invented.

The structure of the calendar system known as the Thirteen Moon calendar/Dreamspell is basically as follows: It proposes that we use a calendar of Thirteen different Moons of 28 days – presented as the feminine cycle – to which a “day out of time” on July 25 is added to account for the 365 days of a solar year (13 x 28 +1 = 365 days). Linked to this is a count of the 20 glyphs and 13 numbers that have been borrowed from the Sacred Mayan Calendar of 260 days. Yet, in the Dreamspell calendar the symbols are associated to the days in an entirely different way compared to in the true calendar meaning that when people are given their purported Mayan tzolkin day of birth in this system, called the “Galactic Signature”, this is invariably different from the Sacred Calendar symbols that the Maya have been and are using for that particular day. Thousands have been misled into thinking that this is their true Mayan day-sign.
How Mayan is then this system? Except for the signs and symbols used in the tzolkin count (260-day count) it is not Mayan at all. To begin with the ancient Maya followed a moon cycle alternating between 29 and 30 days, as did many other peoples, creating a mean of 29.5 days. This is consistent with the female cycle. Yet, many women have, partly because of the perturbations of their cycles due to the artificial lights and artificial hormones present everywhere in the modern world, come to believe that a “normal” period is 28 days. This idea is really a construct of patriarchal medicine that for ages has been frightened by what it has perceived as a magical link between the woman and the full moon cycle of about 29.5 days. Still today many women, as well as also many men, have special feelings linked to their hormones on days of full moon. The Thirteen Moon calendar thus ignores the female natural cycle and seeks to replace it with a mathematical construct of 28 days, that does not correspond to any natural cycle.

In this Thirteen Moon Calendar the day July 26 has been chosen as a “New Year’s day” and you sometimes hear it being called “the Mayan New Year”. In reality this fixed first day of the so-called Thirteen Moon calendar reflects the very opposite of the Mayan Calendar system. Fixing it on this date was really what sealed the end of the traditional Mayan calendar in the Yucatan. In ancient times, and among the living Quiché-Maya still, the Mayan calendar had no fixed “New Year’s date” that could now be directly translated into a Gregorian such. This distinction of the traditional Mayan calendar of not having a fixed new year’s date is of very great importance today. It means that unlike most other calendars of the world the prophetic Mayan calendar is not subordinated to mechanical time or astronomical cycles. The Thirteen Moon calendar, in contrast is based on the physical year.

What then is the origin of the date July 26? Certainly not the heliacal rising of the Dog Star as is sometimes claimed, since this happened on July 13 and 14 in ancient days in the Yucatan. Instead it is to be found in a 365 day long calendar cycle called the haab by the Maya. The haab was a quarter of a day short of the length of the solar year the beginning of this haab cycle would shift over time over the solar year. Thus, the notion of a fixed new year was completely alien to the Maya, until in AD 1541 the Yucatan was conquered by the Spanish. At that point the beginning of the haab fell on the Gregorian date July 26. During the forced conversion of the Maya to Christianity that followed the Maya were then forced to give up their traditional calendars whose spiritual energies were regarded as idolatry by the Spanish Bishops that came to burn practically all of their books. As part of this adaptation to Christianity and its ecclesiastical year with celebrations of saints and Christmas, etc the Maya had to freeze the previously moving beginning day of the haab cycle at the date it had at the time of the Spanish conquest. This freezing meant the effective end to the Mayan calendar system in the Yucatan and its conversion to a system of mechanical astronomical time. The date July 26 (that is recorded in books written by the Maya after the Conquest, and from Bishop Landa who instigated the burning of the Mayan calendars) thus symbolizes the very end to the original Mayan calendar system in the Yucatan. In my view this is more of a reason for mourning than for celebration.

Yet, among the Maya in present day Guatemala significant aspects of the ancient calendar system, such as the haab and the tzolkin (Cholquij) went underground and has thus survived until the present time in its highlands. It can be verified from archeological artifacts that the Sacred Calendar has been kept unaltered by the daykeepers of the Quiché-Maya since antiquity. My own view is that this particular true tzolkin count is a gift to the future of humanity if we can only make the right use of it. Today, increasing number of people are starting to use this Sacred Calendar and experience the energies of time that it describes. In the Mayan view the Sacred Calendar of 260 days is the most important of the calendars, the very hub around which all other calendars revolve. Hence, while other aspects of the Mayan calendar system may have changed over time the Sacred Calendar is considered as holy and should not be tampered with. It was always kept unaltered for the time that generations of the future when people would need it and this time according to many is now.

This raises the question why the Argüelles invented a new Sacred Calendar (260 day) count, the Dreamspell calendar, in the early nineties especially considering that the Maya had been using the true Sacred Calendar for thousands of years. Is there a hidden agenda behind this? The question is all the more relevant as the actual function of this invention has been to replace and deny the existence of the true tzolkin count. The reasons for this replacement has always been a very well kept secret and it seems that people in the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Movement have rarely, if ever, undertaken to explore it. Lloydine Argüelles, co-inventor of the Dreamspell calendar however gives us some hints as to why the Dreamspell was developed to replace the Sacred Mayan calendar as she wrote in Crystal Skywalker Day Report in 1997: All of the knowledge in the Dreamspell is unalterable knowledge. ….If we think to ourselves, ”I can agree with 98 % of the new knowledge, but the other knowledge I can’t accept,” then we must consider how ego can enter and cause distortion of knowledge. “You must understand the promise to be 100 % faithful to the new knowledge. Nothing that Valum Votan (José Argüelles, my clarification) presents is not in accord with the divine plan.

These statements reveal a mentality similar to autocratic rule as well as a desire to keep the followers in the fold. Not surprisingly then it seems that Lloydine Argüelles played a crucial role in deciding how their particular tzolkin count would be anchored in time. In the Thirteen Moon movement Lloydine Argüelles was often identified as Bolon Ik, 9 Wind, which in the ancient Mesoamerican tradition was an energy associated with the light deity of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent. Thus, her particular birthday (May 15, 1943) was given the energy 9 Wind (kin 22) in the Dreamspell count. This was an anchoring point for the tzolkin count that was chosen by the Argüelles’ and the consequence was that its followers came to identify her with this deity of light. Along the same line, provided that the leap day was removed, Jose Argüelles birthday (Jan 24, 1939) became 11 Monkey (kin 11) and in this arrangement not only did he become the Monkey, the weaver, the central day-sign that everything revolves around, but the two of them also got the master numbers 11 and 22 for their dates of birth. In an apparent slip of the tongue Jose Argüelles talks about kin 11 as “the one designated as Valum Votan”. Obviously, the more people that follow their calendar the more these identities have been reinforced. Thus, those that are followers of this particular tzolkin count will give the founders central roles and synchronize their lives around these.

It is common among followers of the Dreamspell calendar to say that this “works” or that it provides an entry point to the “synchronous order”. Given the above the relevant questions to ask are however “Works for what?” and “Whose synchronic order”? It seems obvious that with the particular set-up of this calendar it works very well as an entry point to the synchronic order of its inventors as well as with a number of other people that likewise have been attracted to their energies. The problem is however that those looking for an entry point to the synchronic order of the divine time plan are drawn away from this and into something entirely different, namely the energies of two human beings and their personal agendas of being in central positions of leadership etc. We thus have reasons to suspect that this set-up would give these founders a considerable power, especially, since its followers have not been made aware of what they are synchronizing their lives with.

There is a hidden agenda in operation here, and I question whether it is ethical to keep the origin of this Dreamspell count secret, especially since the price is so high in people being kept in the dark about the true Mayan Calendar system. The true Mayan calendar is not in this way subordinated to the energies or agendas of any human individuals, living or dead. Instead, the uninterrupted traditional tzolkin count is a direct reflection of the divine process of creation, which the world now sorely needs to know about. Unfortunately, the Dreamspell calendar survives not because it would have any advantage whatsoever compared to the true Mayan calendar, but because of the conservatism of those that have been teaching and practicing it for years. Today, despite overwhelming evidence that this is not an egalitarian (or feminine) calendar, it is being kept in existence by sheer inertia and the relatively high number of people that was drawn into it under false pretenses.

I feel in the name of integrity those teaching about the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar should now start to tell the truth about this calendar. Part of this truth is that the Mayan elders do not wish it to be confused with the Mayan calendar and that it is a calendar that has never been used by the Maya. In the words of the Mayan elders: “The confusion must cease” and this in the interest of the many. Dreamspell teachers should also clearly explain to people about the origin of the Dreamspell count and why it was invented to replace the true Mayan calendar. This should be done to give people the chance of making an informed choice. The cost of continued confusion caused by the false pretensions of the Dreamspell is enormous. This calendar system blocks the path of humanity to the treasure of the true Mayan Calendar system, which will play a decisive role of guiding humanity towards freedom and enlightenment.

Carl Johan Calleman

Orsa, Sweden

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

Several large spiritual movements are today preparing for their

participation in the Global Peace Meditations during the period May 19-26

centered on the midpoint of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld.


That movements like the Club of Budapest, TM and the diksha movement

are collaborating to manifest peace on these days based on a common intention

and passion means that the Breakthrough Celebration has reached a new level.

Different movements are participating on their own terms and with their own

unique contributions to these manifestations. This means that unlike most

peace meditations that has been held so far this one is not based on a single

movement, practice or idea, but on a common multifaceted passion for peace.

Obviously for those that do not belong to any of these movements there are also

opportunities to create a participation locally with likeminded people.

This for instance will happen around the old town of Jerusalem where songs will

be sung in the languages of the world.

You sometimes get the impression that participating in a global meditation of peace

is something that you “should” do. In this case with the particular set-up of these upcoming

peace meditations I would rather look upon it as a privilege to be able to participate.

The fact that possible effects will be measured by the Global Consciousness Project

adds to the excitement although I feel personally that participation is an end in itself.

I encourage people everywhere who want to manifest peace to create events and the opportunities for others

to participate in this. I would also like to encourage people who belong to a movement

that seeks to manifest peace on this planet to encourage them to participate on their

own terms but in concert with the intentions of the other movements. I also encourage

everyone to make these events and their multifaceted nature known as broadly as possible.

All that feel called please communicate your plans to the web site created

notably by the teams of Joseph Giove and Birgitte Rasine.

There will be no shift of the ages outside of ourselves!

In Lak'ech

Carl Johan

Please feel free to post and disseminate!

Friday, March 16, 2007

How is the Return of Messiah being realized?

The fifth Day, Messiah consciousness and New Age: Anatolia, Atatürk, Sri Aurobindo and Einstein

As we are in the days of initiation with the fifth Day’s energy at the Galactic Underworld, I want to share an interpretation with you which I reached by using the Mayan Calendar. On the way of this comment my starting point is a question like: “ Is Messiah coming back as one person or a group of human beings who carry the energy of Messiah? According to the Mayan Calendar it is just the time to ask this question. Fifth Day’s energy has a connection with the Messiah in two ways. Firstly because its ruling god Quetzalcoatl (God of Light) is equvailent to Messiah which was described as in the Mayan beliefs. Also again the Messiah energy is spread over the world during the Fifth Day period of the previous layers of cosmic time-consciousness pyramid.

According to the Maya, the Light God Quetzalcoatl rules the Fifth Day which is the most luminous in the total seven Days of Genesis. Also according to Mayan myths, returning of Quetzalcoatl will bring enlightenment. That’s why Mayans wait for his return just as Christians wait for Jesus Messiah. The spreading of Jesus’ light happens through the period when Quetzalcoatl’s energy governs the human consciousness: Fifth Day of the National Underworld (40 – 434).

According to holographic structure of the Mayan calendar, Fifth Day repeats for 3 times after this. At Planetary Underworld (1913 – 1932), Galactic Underworld (24 November 2006 – 19 November 2007) and at the Universal Underworld (21 July – 10 August 2011). In my opinion, the Messiah consciousness appears with Fifth Day at every time. But this appearance actualizes in a different form at each time and shared with increasing numbers of people at each upper level of the pyramid. At the top layer in the Universal Underworld it will be shared with whole humanity. This means the ultimate return of the Messiah and enlightenment of the Human Race and the Gaia.

Before explaining this subject with all the details, I need to give an explanation about the holographic structure of the Mayan calendar.

The Holographic Universe structure which is equivalent with holographic Mayan calendar structure

Mayan shamans identified the Universal/Divine Genesis plan patterns by the intuitive knowledge they recieved during trans states. Basing on this Mayans say Genesis happens in 9 levels/periods. These 9 Genesis levels/periods built up like a laminated pyramid. (This is because why the Mayan pyramids are of 9 layers.)

These 9 levels have a very important aspect. In fact these are the processes which are holographic copies of each other. Repeating patterns from microcosmos to macrocosmos. It is hard to understand this kind of evolution/time mentality with using traditional time perception systems. For example Classical Astrology is unaware of holographic structure of the universe and it has a local and linear time understanding. It is a system that includes the Solar system and stand only for observable data and limited with 3 dimensional universe perception.

Mayan understanding of the Universe as “9 Underworlds and 13 Heavens” is an understanding that embraces today’s Western scientific explanations about fractal universes or the holographic universe structure, including multi-dimensionality.

By looking at the Mayan Calendar we can understand that holographic structure of the universe that is interdependent with the evolutionary process of consciousness follows this holographic structure.

So what is the pursued way to reach this information?

Let’s look how the Mayan calendar researcher John Major Jenkins explained Mayan experiences in his book of “Mayan Cosmology” (pp 326 -328) :

“Long Count Cosmology... can be described as “psychedelic” or “multi-dimensional”, limits of “nature” is also limits of human mind. New World’s shaman astronomers’ visionary journeys, that they searched for knowledge, provided the deeper data for their cosmology … In Mayan thought… ‘there is a close connection between astronomic observation, cosmologic fictions and trans states penetrating with taking drugs. American Indian cosmologists were coping with introversion, turning inside to get information, and watch “multi-layered dimensions of human mind”. By doing this they were meeting with insights in primary principles of life, time, and spiritual development.... This world belief includes a bigger cosmos coordination that has a reflection in human microcosmos… Mezoamerican cosmology was derived from reaching human mind and spirit’s multi-dimensional capacity, multi-dimensional nature of reality…In Western science, closest opinion to Maya cosmology is the quantum physics with its Black Hole, wormholes, quasars and other various space-time abnormalities...These concepts are common in Mayan genesis ideas... Mayas, not only know about quantum abnormalities but at the same time reveal them and achieve to go around inside them by magical ways. They could look deeply to the Cosmic Center, and the Black Hole in our Galaxy Center, what the modern physic does, potentially was a child’s play for them.”

This multi-dimensionality of human mind and spirit in fact lead us to the perception Human-World-Universe unity. Thereby evolution of Human-World-Universe also occurs in a holographic structure. Here evolution again follows the 9 Underworlds and 13 Heavens model. For a deeper and exact understanding of the Mayan Calendar, evolutionary processes and the genesis plan I recommend Carl J. Calleman ’s book “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness”. Also I heard many times that the knowledge I gave in my seminars make things more understandable which are expressed in the book and played a complementary role. Comments and expressions in this article was written supposing that reader has a general perception about the hypothesis stated in Calleman’s book.

Quetzalcoatl who manages the Fifth Day and Messiah Consciousness

The frequent relationship that Calleman established in his books and seminars is between the Light God Quetzalcoatl who manages fifth Day and the Messiah consciousness. Now we can look again relationship between Messiah and Quetzalcoatl by looking the 9 Underworld and for its each Underworld repeating 13 Heaven model, which is called as Calleman Matrix. Another meaning of 13 Underworld is 7 days and 6 nights and as you know for most regional/spiritual resources it is said that genesis continues for 7 days and 6 nights. According to Mayan Calendar this 7 days and 6 nights repeat in each pyramid ladder. Other than the Underworlds, we know that each heaven as namely each day or night is “ruled” by a certain god or goddess. A modern interpretation can be like this : a certain type of spiritual energy takes these time segments under its effect.

Now we’re living Fifth Day in Galactic Underworld which started in the year of 1999.

(24th November 2006 – 19th November 2007). Thereby Light God of Quetzalcoatl’s energy directs our inner evolution which is taken as equivalent with Messiah consciousness in the Cosmic/Divine Genesis plan. With another expression we can say Fifth Day is the most luminous in the total seven days. As being the oneness consciousness passengers how does the Messiah consciousness appear in these times of spiritual evolutionary winds? Before coming to it let’s look how the Fifth Day and Messiah consciousness appears in the pyramid’s previous layers?

Consciousness layer which Calleman described as National Underworld is the 6th floor in the 9 layer cosmic pyramid and had started on B.C. 3115. For this consciousness layer Fifth Day corresponds with between the years of 40 434 A.D. Jesus Messiah was borned in year 0, but when did his message started to spread? As you know Jesus didn’t declared his prophecy until the age of 30s. Approximately A.D. 40 is the known date that Saint Paul started to spread the message of Jesus. And this shows that spreading of Messiah light is in the period of Fifth Day which Quetzalcoatl ruled. Also it is interesting that Paul from Tarsus who made 4 journeys as missionary and mostly traveled along Anatolian land. This a very important point that we will look again.

Fifth Day in Planetary Underworld and Republic of Turkey

The beginning date of Planetary Underworld which is the 7th layer of pyramid is the year of 1755 and its Fifth Day was between the years of 1913 and 1932. So at that period did Jesus Messiah come back? According to the Mayan Calendar, a god ruling one day or night, return back to power, when their time comes at each layer of the pyramid. If it is like that, did Jesus the Messiah, whose return was expected, come back in the Fifth Day between 1913-1932? I do not know what will be your answer but Jehovah’s witnesses said that Messiah would come back in 1914. An internet site is making an explanation about Jehovah’s witnesses in this way:

“Jehovah witnesses is a religional messianic act. They believe that second coming of Jesus happened in 1914 and he started the “God Royalty” in heaven. According to Jehovah witnesses; the alive generation in 1914 will see Jesus’ coming to earth and beside his 144.000 Jehovah witnesses and will dispose whole political institutions, states, nations, as shortly " Powers of Evil". By this way “God Royalty” will be established. This will be provided by the Armageddon War.” [1]

Isn’t it an interesting coincidence? In Arabic, coincidence means to find without searching for. For those who understand codes of the Mayan Calendar it is also a situation to find without searching. So Jesus came back in 1914? And what is the Armageddon (doomsday) War intending? Is it First World War? In my opinion Jesus Messiah came in a different way rather than Jehovah’s witnesses waited. And the Doomsday War was not the First World War.

On the Fifth Day of the Planetary Underworld (1913 – 1932), which historical personality was acting as if receiving a divine guidance? Who was fighting for freedom, independency, and welfare as if disposing Evil Powers, together with millions of faithful people though actualizing a miracle? Do you know that Doom has the meanings of to stand up or uniting? Do you know any war happened exactly in that time those masses stand for in the large scale of unity and oneness feelings?

I’m talking about the Liberation War and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Calleman said that between the years of 1913 – 1932 there was a breakthrough in democracy, this displays itself in the downfalls of Austria-Hungarian Empire, Russia Czardom and the Ottoman Empire and establishment of democratic states. And yes, things happened in Russia rather was a strong movement and maybe Lenin got some of the Messiah energy. Nevertheless, I think that Atatürk represents more of the Messiah consciousness starting with the principle “Peace at Home peace in the World” and his establishment of Republic of Turkey and his peaceful relationships with exterior countries, and tolerance for diversities inside the country.

Especially when we observe the establishment date we obtain a data that supports my opinion.

At this point, it is the time to talk about an important criteria when using the Mayan Calendar: “midpoints”. Each Underworld or Heaven’s midpoint is known as kind of a milestone and is an important act in the perspective of evolution of consciousness. At the days this is the point when energy of day reaches the top and the day fully appears its energy. When calculating midpoint of Planetary Underworld Fifth Day (5th April 1913 – 21st December 1932) we found 12th February 1923. This shows that the establishment date of Republic of Turkey (29 October 1923) is so close to the midpoint of Fifth Day and therefore shows how it is congruent with the appearance Messiah consciousness.

What meaning can we deduct in the perspective of Turkey and the Galactic Underworld’s Fifth Day in which we are living through? Fifth Day at the Galactic Underworld started on 24th November of 2006. Well, before this date were you following up the news? On 21st November, a Turkish company called Erke declared that they discovered a “never lasting” energy producing method.[2] In the side of energy technology this news has a revolutionary characteristic but rest of it didn’t appear and the company was criticized about not to explain the method. While on the date of 15th December, a technology that was invented by Vestel was in newspapers: non-fuel battery. This was explained as an unobtainable level of technology in the world market.[3] For what all these technologies occur in Turkey in such a time? Can these enterprises based on that, the spiritual energy is coming back from in the establishment period of Republic of Turkey? (Fifth Day)

Well, what is going on when we are approaching midpoint of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld which is on 22nd May 2007? What does it mean that the Presidency elections which will be hold on May 2007 that is so near to midpoint? The president who will be selected and maybe with the TBMM (Turkish Government) elections and from the outcomes of this election process can be a rebirth for Republic of Turkey? According to the Mayan Calendar it seems so. Just as for a person’s coming back of the active energy while in birth, for a country it means congruency with life mission and alignment. When we look from a Global perpective, I think that, the mission of Turkey is related with the strengthening power of Eastern hemisphere by Galactic Underworld and the super clean energy technology breakthrough, that would heal human being’s relation with the World. I believe the Pope’s visit to Turkey, right at the start of the Fifth Day (November 22-26) is also related with this mission.

If we think that Messiah consciousness is related with spreading of it in Anatolia by Paul from Tarsus at National Layer and establishing of Republic of Turkey in the midpoint at the Planetary layer, it is very logical to think that for a global enlightenment, an important role would be waken up in Anatolia.

Do you know how many people who have a sense that, Atatürk acts with a divine guidance? At least I know dear Meriç Tümlüer, who searches for Atatürk’s secret devise, is thinking about like this. Mr. Tümlüer took over this mission of revealing Atatürk’s secret devise, from his own father. The devise which was told by Atatürk to be declared after 50 years of his death was delayed for 25 years by the government in 1988. Meriç Tümlüer expresses that Atatürk carries a divine mission, so Mr. Meriç continues to his studies about declaration of this devise as soon as possible. Recently one of his expression is like this: “Shortly there will be very big spiritual earthquakes.” You can make further search about this subject from .

Moreover let’s look at what Atatürk said in 1933, that is the end of Fifth Day:

“For us, time measure isn’t according to previous age’s relaxed mentality, it should be thought as our age’s speed and movement concept. In proportion to past times we will work harder. We will achieve greater works in shorter time”

Atatürk in his 10th Year’s Speech, as if explaning the accelerating tempo of evolution and he points the direct relationship between time and consciousness. In my opinion the period which we are in requires an urgent perception of this speech. When the wind of Divine Genesis Plan is blowing from our back it is the time to achieve great works in shorter times.

This time –consciousness relationship that Atatürk expressed, is congruent with Maya’s World belief. Also other perception closer to Maya’s time perception was uncovered with another genius: Albert Einstein.

Einstein and other ambassadors of Messiah Consciousness

On the year 1912, shortly before Planetary Fifth Day started Albert Einstein asserted that, time is the fourth dimension. It is an expression that I use to understand and describe Mayan Calendar. According to Mayans there’s a direct relationship between time and space. And these are stated with the same word: Najt. Einstein and his physics theory is congruent with Mayan Calendar understanding. As Jenkins expressed Quantum Physics is the closest thought to Mayan Cosmology. Einstein started to develop his theory of relativity that constitute roots of Quantum Physics in 1912.

Why this theory which was a breakthrough point in science history and scientific thinking evolution was developed during the Fifth Day? Why the universal time-space structure which is shown by Mayan Calendar lead history of science during the Fifth Day? Could this have any connection with the mythology that says that Light God Quetzalcoatl who rules the Fifth Day has created the Mayan Calendar? Deeper and intuitive perception belonging to Time and Universe appeared in this period, what meaning may this have? Well, what kind of a man is Einstein who brought a leap to Western science? When you listen to his words attentively you hear a wisdom that you may hear from an eastern mystic.

"A science without religion is cripple; a religious without science is blind. "

"I never think about the future. It comes early enough."

"I am convinced that God doesn’t play dice ."

"Truly the most important thing is intuition."

Do you think one of the Messiah ambassadors could be Einstein? If Messiah’s energy came back with Quetzalcoatl and also Jehova witnesses has the intuitional prediction in this way but if Jesus didn’t come as one person, could this mean that the Messiah energy came back through more than one person? Atatürk and Einstein... If you aren’t convinced I will show more examples which are very important.

Sri Aurobindo and New Age

After a short time Fifth Day began at the Planetary Underworld on year 1913 , a new light started to spread to human being’s collective consciousness. This date is the time that the Indian yogi, mystic, philosopher and poem Sri Aurobindo started to transfer his first visions which are about a new dawn that the Humanity is waiting for.

Sri Aurobindo was sent to England at early age by his father, his childhood times passed as a brilliant student by learning Western culture. After graduating from Cambridge University, he returned back to his country and started to work for the independency of India. Because of these studies he was arrested and while in prison he was enlightened. After going out of prison, he dedicated himself to the Divine consciousness’ realization of itself on earth and therefore unity of Humankind. After the years of researching the roots of the Indian culture and concentrating on yoga, in 1913 he got off his seclusion, and he started to write and publish these writings.

In some of his articles he talkes about an inevitabile synthesis of western and eastern cultures, hence resolution of the crisis that humanity is facing. He also writes that yoga has a missing aspect and it also needs a synthesis. These synthesizes are needed in the way of realizing the oneness consciousness substituting the separation in human collective consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo is talking about a new adventure that will carry human evolution to a upper level rather than repeating the spiritual and philosophical things which had done before: Adventure of Consciousness. According to him at the end of this adventure humanity will be enlightened and in the following evolution a new species will arise. Superman who is carrying the Divine consciousness perfectly. He expresses that for now it is being realized with the descending Divine consciousness, which is described as Supermental. In his book of “Savitri” he mentions about dawn of New Age which he sees in his visions.[4]

Purpose of yoga should be compatible with this New Age, and not enlightenment of each person particularly, to work for enlightenment of the whole human race. According to Sri Aurobindo enlightenment period which had done by seclusion, getting rid of material world and rising to Divine consciousness does no longer exist. Now Divine consciousness descends to the world and transforms it. For the last period of his life Sri Aurobindo dedicated himself to “Integral Yoga” and studied for transformation in cellular dimension. His companion Mother (Mira Alfassa) who is also enlightened, with the purpose of realizing Sri Aurobindo’s vision, she set up a city called Auroville.

Actually there are so many things to say about Sri Aurobindo and his vision. He is the first mystic who talked about a New Age bringing it both to East and West. He expressed that in the New Age’s World there will be a transnational unity instead of nations. Sri Aurobindo created a revolution in the Indian Yoga tradition. Today millions of people share his vision and try to digest the light he is spreading.

Let’s look now how Sri Aurobindo’s life proceed during the Mayan Calendar Planetary Underworld:

(1873) Beginning of 4th Day- Born of Sri Aurobindo (1872)

(1893) Beginning of 4th Night – Return to India (1893)

(1903) Midpoint of 4th Night – Began his yoga (1904)

(1913) Beginning of 5th Day – Started to write his first articles. (1913), establishment of ashram (1926).

Well, why the New Age vision that came together with Sri Aurobindo started to fall to human consciousness with the Fifth Day? While he started to write in 1913, Einstein had been developing theory of relativity and Atatürk was going towards to his big mission with little wins.

Do you see the connection between the vision of Sri Aurobindo and Atatürk’s mission? Is it possible that Atatürk who said “Peace at home, peace in the world” has a closer vision to Sri Aurobindo? Could Atatürk’s undeclared secret devise include an expression of transnational unity vision?

At the Fifth Day of Planetary Underworld was Messiah consciousness coming over these people: Atatürk, Sri Aurobindo and Einstein? Did the energy of Quetzalcoatl helped any awareness to be waken up to the Mayan Calendar’s knowledge by then? With Einstein, time being the fourth dimension and the time-space relationship. With Sri Aurobindo, evolution of consciousness and coming of New Age. Well, what is the relationship between Atatürk and the Mayan Calendar?

Tahsin Mayatepek, Secret Devise of Atatürk and Enlightenment in Anatolia

About this subject I should touch on Atatürk’s research over the Mayan language and culture. Atatürk assigned one of his colonel named Tahsin Mayatepek to Mexico as a counsolute. During the years he spent in Mexico, Colonel Tahsin recognized that the Mayan language and culture, had similarities between the Turkish language and culture. Hence, we know that Mayatepek read the books of James Churchward, who is an American researcher whom in his books asserted of Mu continent as being the common ancestor of Mayan and Turkish civilization. Mayatepek sent this research to Atatürk as reports. His surname Mayatepek is in Mayan language and means “the Mayan hill” ( In Turkish hill means “tepe”, while it is “tepek” in Mayan). Books of Churchward were translated to Turkish by Atatürk’s will. These can be found in archives and researches of Sinan Meydan are a great guide about this subject.[5][6]

At this point there is an unavoidable question coming to my mind: Did Atatürk acquire any vision or information about the end date of the Mayan Calendar while through the channel that flowing towards him? According to Meriç Tümlüer because Atatürk has a divine mission so it is highly possible that he was receiving such an inspiration. So the things that Atatürk wrote in his secret devise could be related with Mayan Calendar and its end date? Delaying the declaration of secret devise for 25 years, shows the year of 2013 in the Gregorian Calendar. How a coincidence may it be that is so close to the Mayan Calendar’s end date?

Another question is: When we are approaching to last date of Mayan Calendar and taking a step to collective enlightenment of the humanity, what is the role of Anatolia? Working round the same subject, isn’t it? I want to introduce you another interesting person. This is New Age mystic Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual companion, “Mother” - Mira Alfassa. After a short time of dedicating herself to yoga, Anne was enlightened, and start contributing to Sri Aurobindo’s works. Mother, whose mother is Egyptian, was born in Paris. Well, her father? He is Turkish. Because of this if you say that you are Turkish in the utopian city of Auroville where Mother has founded, you will meet with a special care. Well, how a connection is that and what a connection has this about the spiritual mission of Anatolia?

I know that it is not so easy to find answers to these questions and to prove them. But the picture, which displays itself from all the things that I wrote, has a tendency to give an answer to my question that I asked at the beginning. Is the Messiah consciousness coming as a sole person during each Fifth Day or a group of people carrying this consciousness? Apparently the consciousness came with Messiah Jesus at National Underworld and at Planetary Underworld came with a few people qualified as genius or sage.


We can add Joseph Pilates to these people who is a body mind genius. Also with his development of physical exercises, he marked an era in human health. During the First World War (1914 – 1918), being a captive in a prison camp, he exploited in saving the general health of the camp. In 1926, he opened a studio in New York and with this he started to spread Pilates technique to all world. It was expressed by scientists that, Pilates technique improves spinal posture for the better and it has a very important role in the human evolution.

Again is this a chance the leap of evolution in consciousness happened by coincidence in Fifth Day? Actually the vision that Pilates developed, is compatible with Sri Aurobindo’s vision. So ever they don’t know each other.

This common vision is that the physical body cannot be left aside in human development, contrarily to transform and heal it to provide a possibility to Divine Human appearance.

Messiah Consciousness at the Galactic Underworld

What do we see under the light of these? What I see is, the Messiah consciousness that is coming with Jesus at National Underworld, comes in the upper layer at Planetary Underworld with more than one person. Therefore prediction of Jehova witnesses is right in a way. Well, how does the Messiah consciousness appear between the dates 24th November 2006 – 19th November 2007 of Fifth Day at Galactic Underworld? If we see that Human family is enlightened at the picture of end date of Mayan Calendar, if the Divine Human is there that Sri Aurobindo talkes about, then as we rise up through the layers we can see it logically that Messiah consciousness will appear over more and more people.

Messiah is coming firstly from one and then a few, and now over lots of people. My feelings say that the whole people who read and understand this article carry the Messiah consciousness. I feel that in our unity, light of Messiah is shining. As being the partners who create the New World in every step, in every intention I feel this force my friends.

I know that we are the sun-eyed children of a wonderful dawn…

It is us...

Fatih Keçelioğlu,

9 Ix, 8.2.14 of the Galactic Underworld (16.01.2007)