Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

Several large spiritual movements are today preparing for their

participation in the Global Peace Meditations during the period May 19-26

centered on the midpoint of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld.

See www.Commonpassion.org.

That movements like the Club of Budapest, TM and the diksha movement

are collaborating to manifest peace on these days based on a common intention

and passion means that the Breakthrough Celebration has reached a new level.

Different movements are participating on their own terms and with their own

unique contributions to these manifestations. This means that unlike most

peace meditations that has been held so far this one is not based on a single

movement, practice or idea, but on a common multifaceted passion for peace.

Obviously for those that do not belong to any of these movements there are also

opportunities to create a participation locally with likeminded people.

This for instance will happen around the old town of Jerusalem where songs will

be sung in the languages of the world.

You sometimes get the impression that participating in a global meditation of peace

is something that you “should” do. In this case with the particular set-up of these upcoming

peace meditations I would rather look upon it as a privilege to be able to participate.

The fact that possible effects will be measured by the Global Consciousness Project

adds to the excitement although I feel personally that participation is an end in itself.

I encourage people everywhere who want to manifest peace to create events and the opportunities for others

to participate in this. I would also like to encourage people who belong to a movement

that seeks to manifest peace on this planet to encourage them to participate on their

own terms but in concert with the intentions of the other movements. I also encourage

everyone to make these events and their multifaceted nature known as broadly as possible.

All that feel called please communicate your plans to the www.Commonpassion.org web site created

notably by the teams of Joseph Giove and Birgitte Rasine.

There will be no shift of the ages outside of ourselves!

In Lak'ech

Carl Johan

Please feel free to post and disseminate!

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