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How is the Return of Messiah being realized?

The fifth Day, Messiah consciousness and New Age: Anatolia, Atatürk, Sri Aurobindo and Einstein

As we are in the days of initiation with the fifth Day’s energy at the Galactic Underworld, I want to share an interpretation with you which I reached by using the Mayan Calendar. On the way of this comment my starting point is a question like: “ Is Messiah coming back as one person or a group of human beings who carry the energy of Messiah? According to the Mayan Calendar it is just the time to ask this question. Fifth Day’s energy has a connection with the Messiah in two ways. Firstly because its ruling god Quetzalcoatl (God of Light) is equvailent to Messiah which was described as in the Mayan beliefs. Also again the Messiah energy is spread over the world during the Fifth Day period of the previous layers of cosmic time-consciousness pyramid.

According to the Maya, the Light God Quetzalcoatl rules the Fifth Day which is the most luminous in the total seven Days of Genesis. Also according to Mayan myths, returning of Quetzalcoatl will bring enlightenment. That’s why Mayans wait for his return just as Christians wait for Jesus Messiah. The spreading of Jesus’ light happens through the period when Quetzalcoatl’s energy governs the human consciousness: Fifth Day of the National Underworld (40 – 434).

According to holographic structure of the Mayan calendar, Fifth Day repeats for 3 times after this. At Planetary Underworld (1913 – 1932), Galactic Underworld (24 November 2006 – 19 November 2007) and at the Universal Underworld (21 July – 10 August 2011). In my opinion, the Messiah consciousness appears with Fifth Day at every time. But this appearance actualizes in a different form at each time and shared with increasing numbers of people at each upper level of the pyramid. At the top layer in the Universal Underworld it will be shared with whole humanity. This means the ultimate return of the Messiah and enlightenment of the Human Race and the Gaia.

Before explaining this subject with all the details, I need to give an explanation about the holographic structure of the Mayan calendar.

The Holographic Universe structure which is equivalent with holographic Mayan calendar structure

Mayan shamans identified the Universal/Divine Genesis plan patterns by the intuitive knowledge they recieved during trans states. Basing on this Mayans say Genesis happens in 9 levels/periods. These 9 Genesis levels/periods built up like a laminated pyramid. (This is because why the Mayan pyramids are of 9 layers.)

These 9 levels have a very important aspect. In fact these are the processes which are holographic copies of each other. Repeating patterns from microcosmos to macrocosmos. It is hard to understand this kind of evolution/time mentality with using traditional time perception systems. For example Classical Astrology is unaware of holographic structure of the universe and it has a local and linear time understanding. It is a system that includes the Solar system and stand only for observable data and limited with 3 dimensional universe perception.

Mayan understanding of the Universe as “9 Underworlds and 13 Heavens” is an understanding that embraces today’s Western scientific explanations about fractal universes or the holographic universe structure, including multi-dimensionality.

By looking at the Mayan Calendar we can understand that holographic structure of the universe that is interdependent with the evolutionary process of consciousness follows this holographic structure.

So what is the pursued way to reach this information?

Let’s look how the Mayan calendar researcher John Major Jenkins explained Mayan experiences in his book of “Mayan Cosmology” (pp 326 -328) :

“Long Count Cosmology... can be described as “psychedelic” or “multi-dimensional”, limits of “nature” is also limits of human mind. New World’s shaman astronomers’ visionary journeys, that they searched for knowledge, provided the deeper data for their cosmology … In Mayan thought… ‘there is a close connection between astronomic observation, cosmologic fictions and trans states penetrating with taking drugs. American Indian cosmologists were coping with introversion, turning inside to get information, and watch “multi-layered dimensions of human mind”. By doing this they were meeting with insights in primary principles of life, time, and spiritual development.... This world belief includes a bigger cosmos coordination that has a reflection in human microcosmos… Mezoamerican cosmology was derived from reaching human mind and spirit’s multi-dimensional capacity, multi-dimensional nature of reality…In Western science, closest opinion to Maya cosmology is the quantum physics with its Black Hole, wormholes, quasars and other various space-time abnormalities...These concepts are common in Mayan genesis ideas... Mayas, not only know about quantum abnormalities but at the same time reveal them and achieve to go around inside them by magical ways. They could look deeply to the Cosmic Center, and the Black Hole in our Galaxy Center, what the modern physic does, potentially was a child’s play for them.”

This multi-dimensionality of human mind and spirit in fact lead us to the perception Human-World-Universe unity. Thereby evolution of Human-World-Universe also occurs in a holographic structure. Here evolution again follows the 9 Underworlds and 13 Heavens model. For a deeper and exact understanding of the Mayan Calendar, evolutionary processes and the genesis plan I recommend Carl J. Calleman ’s book “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness”. Also I heard many times that the knowledge I gave in my seminars make things more understandable which are expressed in the book and played a complementary role. Comments and expressions in this article was written supposing that reader has a general perception about the hypothesis stated in Calleman’s book.

Quetzalcoatl who manages the Fifth Day and Messiah Consciousness

The frequent relationship that Calleman established in his books and seminars is between the Light God Quetzalcoatl who manages fifth Day and the Messiah consciousness. Now we can look again relationship between Messiah and Quetzalcoatl by looking the 9 Underworld and for its each Underworld repeating 13 Heaven model, which is called as Calleman Matrix. Another meaning of 13 Underworld is 7 days and 6 nights and as you know for most regional/spiritual resources it is said that genesis continues for 7 days and 6 nights. According to Mayan Calendar this 7 days and 6 nights repeat in each pyramid ladder. Other than the Underworlds, we know that each heaven as namely each day or night is “ruled” by a certain god or goddess. A modern interpretation can be like this : a certain type of spiritual energy takes these time segments under its effect.

Now we’re living Fifth Day in Galactic Underworld which started in the year of 1999.

(24th November 2006 – 19th November 2007). Thereby Light God of Quetzalcoatl’s energy directs our inner evolution which is taken as equivalent with Messiah consciousness in the Cosmic/Divine Genesis plan. With another expression we can say Fifth Day is the most luminous in the total seven days. As being the oneness consciousness passengers how does the Messiah consciousness appear in these times of spiritual evolutionary winds? Before coming to it let’s look how the Fifth Day and Messiah consciousness appears in the pyramid’s previous layers?

Consciousness layer which Calleman described as National Underworld is the 6th floor in the 9 layer cosmic pyramid and had started on B.C. 3115. For this consciousness layer Fifth Day corresponds with between the years of 40 434 A.D. Jesus Messiah was borned in year 0, but when did his message started to spread? As you know Jesus didn’t declared his prophecy until the age of 30s. Approximately A.D. 40 is the known date that Saint Paul started to spread the message of Jesus. And this shows that spreading of Messiah light is in the period of Fifth Day which Quetzalcoatl ruled. Also it is interesting that Paul from Tarsus who made 4 journeys as missionary and mostly traveled along Anatolian land. This a very important point that we will look again.

Fifth Day in Planetary Underworld and Republic of Turkey

The beginning date of Planetary Underworld which is the 7th layer of pyramid is the year of 1755 and its Fifth Day was between the years of 1913 and 1932. So at that period did Jesus Messiah come back? According to the Mayan Calendar, a god ruling one day or night, return back to power, when their time comes at each layer of the pyramid. If it is like that, did Jesus the Messiah, whose return was expected, come back in the Fifth Day between 1913-1932? I do not know what will be your answer but Jehovah’s witnesses said that Messiah would come back in 1914. An internet site is making an explanation about Jehovah’s witnesses in this way:

“Jehovah witnesses is a religional messianic act. They believe that second coming of Jesus happened in 1914 and he started the “God Royalty” in heaven. According to Jehovah witnesses; the alive generation in 1914 will see Jesus’ coming to earth and beside his 144.000 Jehovah witnesses and will dispose whole political institutions, states, nations, as shortly " Powers of Evil". By this way “God Royalty” will be established. This will be provided by the Armageddon War.” [1]

Isn’t it an interesting coincidence? In Arabic, coincidence means to find without searching for. For those who understand codes of the Mayan Calendar it is also a situation to find without searching. So Jesus came back in 1914? And what is the Armageddon (doomsday) War intending? Is it First World War? In my opinion Jesus Messiah came in a different way rather than Jehovah’s witnesses waited. And the Doomsday War was not the First World War.

On the Fifth Day of the Planetary Underworld (1913 – 1932), which historical personality was acting as if receiving a divine guidance? Who was fighting for freedom, independency, and welfare as if disposing Evil Powers, together with millions of faithful people though actualizing a miracle? Do you know that Doom has the meanings of to stand up or uniting? Do you know any war happened exactly in that time those masses stand for in the large scale of unity and oneness feelings?

I’m talking about the Liberation War and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Calleman said that between the years of 1913 – 1932 there was a breakthrough in democracy, this displays itself in the downfalls of Austria-Hungarian Empire, Russia Czardom and the Ottoman Empire and establishment of democratic states. And yes, things happened in Russia rather was a strong movement and maybe Lenin got some of the Messiah energy. Nevertheless, I think that Atatürk represents more of the Messiah consciousness starting with the principle “Peace at Home peace in the World” and his establishment of Republic of Turkey and his peaceful relationships with exterior countries, and tolerance for diversities inside the country.

Especially when we observe the establishment date we obtain a data that supports my opinion.

At this point, it is the time to talk about an important criteria when using the Mayan Calendar: “midpoints”. Each Underworld or Heaven’s midpoint is known as kind of a milestone and is an important act in the perspective of evolution of consciousness. At the days this is the point when energy of day reaches the top and the day fully appears its energy. When calculating midpoint of Planetary Underworld Fifth Day (5th April 1913 – 21st December 1932) we found 12th February 1923. This shows that the establishment date of Republic of Turkey (29 October 1923) is so close to the midpoint of Fifth Day and therefore shows how it is congruent with the appearance Messiah consciousness.

What meaning can we deduct in the perspective of Turkey and the Galactic Underworld’s Fifth Day in which we are living through? Fifth Day at the Galactic Underworld started on 24th November of 2006. Well, before this date were you following up the news? On 21st November, a Turkish company called Erke declared that they discovered a “never lasting” energy producing method.[2] In the side of energy technology this news has a revolutionary characteristic but rest of it didn’t appear and the company was criticized about not to explain the method. While on the date of 15th December, a technology that was invented by Vestel was in newspapers: non-fuel battery. This was explained as an unobtainable level of technology in the world market.[3] For what all these technologies occur in Turkey in such a time? Can these enterprises based on that, the spiritual energy is coming back from in the establishment period of Republic of Turkey? (Fifth Day)

Well, what is going on when we are approaching midpoint of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld which is on 22nd May 2007? What does it mean that the Presidency elections which will be hold on May 2007 that is so near to midpoint? The president who will be selected and maybe with the TBMM (Turkish Government) elections and from the outcomes of this election process can be a rebirth for Republic of Turkey? According to the Mayan Calendar it seems so. Just as for a person’s coming back of the active energy while in birth, for a country it means congruency with life mission and alignment. When we look from a Global perpective, I think that, the mission of Turkey is related with the strengthening power of Eastern hemisphere by Galactic Underworld and the super clean energy technology breakthrough, that would heal human being’s relation with the World. I believe the Pope’s visit to Turkey, right at the start of the Fifth Day (November 22-26) is also related with this mission.

If we think that Messiah consciousness is related with spreading of it in Anatolia by Paul from Tarsus at National Layer and establishing of Republic of Turkey in the midpoint at the Planetary layer, it is very logical to think that for a global enlightenment, an important role would be waken up in Anatolia.

Do you know how many people who have a sense that, Atatürk acts with a divine guidance? At least I know dear Meriç Tümlüer, who searches for Atatürk’s secret devise, is thinking about like this. Mr. Tümlüer took over this mission of revealing Atatürk’s secret devise, from his own father. The devise which was told by Atatürk to be declared after 50 years of his death was delayed for 25 years by the government in 1988. Meriç Tümlüer expresses that Atatürk carries a divine mission, so Mr. Meriç continues to his studies about declaration of this devise as soon as possible. Recently one of his expression is like this: “Shortly there will be very big spiritual earthquakes.” You can make further search about this subject from .

Moreover let’s look at what Atatürk said in 1933, that is the end of Fifth Day:

“For us, time measure isn’t according to previous age’s relaxed mentality, it should be thought as our age’s speed and movement concept. In proportion to past times we will work harder. We will achieve greater works in shorter time”

Atatürk in his 10th Year’s Speech, as if explaning the accelerating tempo of evolution and he points the direct relationship between time and consciousness. In my opinion the period which we are in requires an urgent perception of this speech. When the wind of Divine Genesis Plan is blowing from our back it is the time to achieve great works in shorter times.

This time –consciousness relationship that Atatürk expressed, is congruent with Maya’s World belief. Also other perception closer to Maya’s time perception was uncovered with another genius: Albert Einstein.

Einstein and other ambassadors of Messiah Consciousness

On the year 1912, shortly before Planetary Fifth Day started Albert Einstein asserted that, time is the fourth dimension. It is an expression that I use to understand and describe Mayan Calendar. According to Mayans there’s a direct relationship between time and space. And these are stated with the same word: Najt. Einstein and his physics theory is congruent with Mayan Calendar understanding. As Jenkins expressed Quantum Physics is the closest thought to Mayan Cosmology. Einstein started to develop his theory of relativity that constitute roots of Quantum Physics in 1912.

Why this theory which was a breakthrough point in science history and scientific thinking evolution was developed during the Fifth Day? Why the universal time-space structure which is shown by Mayan Calendar lead history of science during the Fifth Day? Could this have any connection with the mythology that says that Light God Quetzalcoatl who rules the Fifth Day has created the Mayan Calendar? Deeper and intuitive perception belonging to Time and Universe appeared in this period, what meaning may this have? Well, what kind of a man is Einstein who brought a leap to Western science? When you listen to his words attentively you hear a wisdom that you may hear from an eastern mystic.

"A science without religion is cripple; a religious without science is blind. "

"I never think about the future. It comes early enough."

"I am convinced that God doesn’t play dice ."

"Truly the most important thing is intuition."

Do you think one of the Messiah ambassadors could be Einstein? If Messiah’s energy came back with Quetzalcoatl and also Jehova witnesses has the intuitional prediction in this way but if Jesus didn’t come as one person, could this mean that the Messiah energy came back through more than one person? Atatürk and Einstein... If you aren’t convinced I will show more examples which are very important.

Sri Aurobindo and New Age

After a short time Fifth Day began at the Planetary Underworld on year 1913 , a new light started to spread to human being’s collective consciousness. This date is the time that the Indian yogi, mystic, philosopher and poem Sri Aurobindo started to transfer his first visions which are about a new dawn that the Humanity is waiting for.

Sri Aurobindo was sent to England at early age by his father, his childhood times passed as a brilliant student by learning Western culture. After graduating from Cambridge University, he returned back to his country and started to work for the independency of India. Because of these studies he was arrested and while in prison he was enlightened. After going out of prison, he dedicated himself to the Divine consciousness’ realization of itself on earth and therefore unity of Humankind. After the years of researching the roots of the Indian culture and concentrating on yoga, in 1913 he got off his seclusion, and he started to write and publish these writings.

In some of his articles he talkes about an inevitabile synthesis of western and eastern cultures, hence resolution of the crisis that humanity is facing. He also writes that yoga has a missing aspect and it also needs a synthesis. These synthesizes are needed in the way of realizing the oneness consciousness substituting the separation in human collective consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo is talking about a new adventure that will carry human evolution to a upper level rather than repeating the spiritual and philosophical things which had done before: Adventure of Consciousness. According to him at the end of this adventure humanity will be enlightened and in the following evolution a new species will arise. Superman who is carrying the Divine consciousness perfectly. He expresses that for now it is being realized with the descending Divine consciousness, which is described as Supermental. In his book of “Savitri” he mentions about dawn of New Age which he sees in his visions.[4]

Purpose of yoga should be compatible with this New Age, and not enlightenment of each person particularly, to work for enlightenment of the whole human race. According to Sri Aurobindo enlightenment period which had done by seclusion, getting rid of material world and rising to Divine consciousness does no longer exist. Now Divine consciousness descends to the world and transforms it. For the last period of his life Sri Aurobindo dedicated himself to “Integral Yoga” and studied for transformation in cellular dimension. His companion Mother (Mira Alfassa) who is also enlightened, with the purpose of realizing Sri Aurobindo’s vision, she set up a city called Auroville.

Actually there are so many things to say about Sri Aurobindo and his vision. He is the first mystic who talked about a New Age bringing it both to East and West. He expressed that in the New Age’s World there will be a transnational unity instead of nations. Sri Aurobindo created a revolution in the Indian Yoga tradition. Today millions of people share his vision and try to digest the light he is spreading.

Let’s look now how Sri Aurobindo’s life proceed during the Mayan Calendar Planetary Underworld:

(1873) Beginning of 4th Day- Born of Sri Aurobindo (1872)

(1893) Beginning of 4th Night – Return to India (1893)

(1903) Midpoint of 4th Night – Began his yoga (1904)

(1913) Beginning of 5th Day – Started to write his first articles. (1913), establishment of ashram (1926).

Well, why the New Age vision that came together with Sri Aurobindo started to fall to human consciousness with the Fifth Day? While he started to write in 1913, Einstein had been developing theory of relativity and Atatürk was going towards to his big mission with little wins.

Do you see the connection between the vision of Sri Aurobindo and Atatürk’s mission? Is it possible that Atatürk who said “Peace at home, peace in the world” has a closer vision to Sri Aurobindo? Could Atatürk’s undeclared secret devise include an expression of transnational unity vision?

At the Fifth Day of Planetary Underworld was Messiah consciousness coming over these people: Atatürk, Sri Aurobindo and Einstein? Did the energy of Quetzalcoatl helped any awareness to be waken up to the Mayan Calendar’s knowledge by then? With Einstein, time being the fourth dimension and the time-space relationship. With Sri Aurobindo, evolution of consciousness and coming of New Age. Well, what is the relationship between Atatürk and the Mayan Calendar?

Tahsin Mayatepek, Secret Devise of Atatürk and Enlightenment in Anatolia

About this subject I should touch on Atatürk’s research over the Mayan language and culture. Atatürk assigned one of his colonel named Tahsin Mayatepek to Mexico as a counsolute. During the years he spent in Mexico, Colonel Tahsin recognized that the Mayan language and culture, had similarities between the Turkish language and culture. Hence, we know that Mayatepek read the books of James Churchward, who is an American researcher whom in his books asserted of Mu continent as being the common ancestor of Mayan and Turkish civilization. Mayatepek sent this research to Atatürk as reports. His surname Mayatepek is in Mayan language and means “the Mayan hill” ( In Turkish hill means “tepe”, while it is “tepek” in Mayan). Books of Churchward were translated to Turkish by Atatürk’s will. These can be found in archives and researches of Sinan Meydan are a great guide about this subject.[5][6]

At this point there is an unavoidable question coming to my mind: Did Atatürk acquire any vision or information about the end date of the Mayan Calendar while through the channel that flowing towards him? According to Meriç Tümlüer because Atatürk has a divine mission so it is highly possible that he was receiving such an inspiration. So the things that Atatürk wrote in his secret devise could be related with Mayan Calendar and its end date? Delaying the declaration of secret devise for 25 years, shows the year of 2013 in the Gregorian Calendar. How a coincidence may it be that is so close to the Mayan Calendar’s end date?

Another question is: When we are approaching to last date of Mayan Calendar and taking a step to collective enlightenment of the humanity, what is the role of Anatolia? Working round the same subject, isn’t it? I want to introduce you another interesting person. This is New Age mystic Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual companion, “Mother” - Mira Alfassa. After a short time of dedicating herself to yoga, Anne was enlightened, and start contributing to Sri Aurobindo’s works. Mother, whose mother is Egyptian, was born in Paris. Well, her father? He is Turkish. Because of this if you say that you are Turkish in the utopian city of Auroville where Mother has founded, you will meet with a special care. Well, how a connection is that and what a connection has this about the spiritual mission of Anatolia?

I know that it is not so easy to find answers to these questions and to prove them. But the picture, which displays itself from all the things that I wrote, has a tendency to give an answer to my question that I asked at the beginning. Is the Messiah consciousness coming as a sole person during each Fifth Day or a group of people carrying this consciousness? Apparently the consciousness came with Messiah Jesus at National Underworld and at Planetary Underworld came with a few people qualified as genius or sage.


We can add Joseph Pilates to these people who is a body mind genius. Also with his development of physical exercises, he marked an era in human health. During the First World War (1914 – 1918), being a captive in a prison camp, he exploited in saving the general health of the camp. In 1926, he opened a studio in New York and with this he started to spread Pilates technique to all world. It was expressed by scientists that, Pilates technique improves spinal posture for the better and it has a very important role in the human evolution.

Again is this a chance the leap of evolution in consciousness happened by coincidence in Fifth Day? Actually the vision that Pilates developed, is compatible with Sri Aurobindo’s vision. So ever they don’t know each other.

This common vision is that the physical body cannot be left aside in human development, contrarily to transform and heal it to provide a possibility to Divine Human appearance.

Messiah Consciousness at the Galactic Underworld

What do we see under the light of these? What I see is, the Messiah consciousness that is coming with Jesus at National Underworld, comes in the upper layer at Planetary Underworld with more than one person. Therefore prediction of Jehova witnesses is right in a way. Well, how does the Messiah consciousness appear between the dates 24th November 2006 – 19th November 2007 of Fifth Day at Galactic Underworld? If we see that Human family is enlightened at the picture of end date of Mayan Calendar, if the Divine Human is there that Sri Aurobindo talkes about, then as we rise up through the layers we can see it logically that Messiah consciousness will appear over more and more people.

Messiah is coming firstly from one and then a few, and now over lots of people. My feelings say that the whole people who read and understand this article carry the Messiah consciousness. I feel that in our unity, light of Messiah is shining. As being the partners who create the New World in every step, in every intention I feel this force my friends.

I know that we are the sun-eyed children of a wonderful dawn…

It is us...

Fatih Keçelioğlu,

9 Ix, 8.2.14 of the Galactic Underworld (16.01.2007)







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